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Today India has more than 27 tractor brands. These tractor brands are successful in manufacturing tractors in different configurations which are suitable for various uses. Tractors in India are available in an HP range of 15 HP to 150 HP. The list of tractors is long but there are multiple tractor models in Mini tractors in India, Utility tractors in India, and heavy-duty tractors in India. The Indian tractor industry is dominated by the top 3 tractor brands like Mahindra tractors, Massey Ferguson tractors, and Sonalika tractors as they have the largest market share in India. These brands contribute to almost 70% of the Indian tractor Industry. The Indian tractor industry is valued at approx. $5.2 billion.

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History of Tractor Brands in India

Tractors in India have a history older than the independence of India. Farm mechanization technology was introduced by the Britishers in order to scale agricultural production and increase profits. Earlier tractors in India were not manufactured locally but were imported from other countries.

But as the demand for agriculture grew and it was one of the huge sectors contributing to the Indian economy the demand for tractors grew eventually. By the year 1960 there we more than 1,50,000 units of tractors which were being used in India. In the year 1966, the Green revolution took place and the Indian agriculture economy was given a boost. Majorly in the states of northern India, the production of crops went up drastically. 

This increased production of crops eventually lead to the huge demand for tractors in India. To meet this demand tractors were imported in large numbers into India. 3 tractor brands were set up in India to meet the demand. These tractor brands were Kirloskar Tractors, Harsha Tractors, and Pittie Tractors. But these brands were unsuccessful in meeting the demand and eventually were dissolved. 

Eicher rolled out its first tractor in India in the year 1959. This tractor was fully assembled in Faridabad, India. This marked an iconic movement for the tractor industry in India. Eventually, in the year 1972, the government of India launched its public company named HMT tractors also known as Hindustan Machine Tools Limited. The aim was to form a public company in order to meet the demand and help India in industrialization. Alon with HMT, Escort group of tractors alsod manufacturing tractors in India by importing technological known how from Ford tractors in 1971.

As the technological advancements progressed the many tractor brands entered into the market such as Auto Tractors, Haryana Tractors, United Auto Tractors, Asian Tractors, and Vst Tractor. The tractor production had reached a record-breaking 1.50,000 units and a total of 12 lakh tractors were used in India. This was significant as India successful in turning from Import based economy for tractor to Export based economy in just a span of 2 decades.

Later on, various tractor brands entered the Indian market due to its strategic importance in South Asia and its huge domestic market. Many domestic tractor brands were also set up and some are still successfully function in India.

Overview of Tractor Brands in India

With more than 300 tractor models available in India. India is one of the most popular tractor markets in the world. Major tractor brands have their headquarters in India as it is a strategically important location in the south of Asia. India is not only a major producer of tractors for its domestic markets but is also a major exporter to countries across Asia and Africa.

India records a domestic annual sale of 7 lakh 90 thousand units of tractors from major tractor brands. Tractor brands in India have the capacity to manufacture more than 10 lakh units of tractors in India. In total, tractor brands in India contribute almost $5.2 billion to the Indian economy.

Price of Tractor Brands in India

Tractors are available in India within a price range of Rs. 2.50 Lakhs to Rs. 31.30 Lakhs. The most expensive tractor is the John Deere 6120 B which is priced at Rs. 30.10 Lakhs and the most affordable tractor is the Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT which is priced at Rs.3.05 - 3.25 lakh*.

Tractor price in India depends upon the ex-showroom price of the tractor. This ex-showroom price of the tractor varies if the tractor is domestically manufactured or imported internationally from a different county. Additionally, The RTO charges and road tax of each state differ. You can find the best tractor price at TractorGuru.

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