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The Hindustan tractor price ranges from Rs. 7.15 Lakh to Rs. 7.89 Lakh for its single model, which boasts a powerful 50 HP engine. It incorporates advanced features like Constant Mesh and Side Shift type Transmission to ensure reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, Oil-immersed Brakes and Power Steering enhance productivity.

A popular Hindustan tractor model is the Hindustan 60, which boasts a 50 HP engine and is equipped with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. The Hindustan 60 tractor price in India is fair, cost-effective, and budget-friendly, catering to the farmer's financial constraints.

Hindustan Tractors Price List in India

Hindustan 60 50 ₹ 7.16 lakh - 7.9 lakh
Data Last Updated On : May 24, 2024

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About Hindustan Tractors

The new Hindustan tractor for 2024 is remarkably powerful, boasting a horsepower range of 50 HP. The business is well known for its innovations in technology. With a legacy spanning 76 years in the tractor manufacturing industry, Hindustan Tractors continues its operations actively. The company is registered in Ahmedabad. The Hindustan tractor price in India are highly economical, making them easily affordable for farmers.

The Hindustan brand is one of the prominent tractor manufacturers that the Mahindra and Mahindra groups have acquired. It is also counted among the most trusted brands in India, having registered itself in 1959 as Tractors and Bulldozers Private Ltd. The Hindustan tractor all models manufactured its first tractor model in 1963 in Vishwamitri, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Later, with the collaboration of Motokov-Praha (Zetor) of Czechoslovakia, they manufactured their tractor models, which were known as Hindustan Tractors & Bulldozers Ltd. In 1999, the Mahindra and Mahindra group acquired 60% of the Hindustan tractor company, followed by the remaining 40% in 2001. From then onwards, the Hindustan tractor in India is entirely owned by the Mahindra and Mahindra Group.

Hindustan Tractor Specification

As Hindustan tractors offer a single model, below are some Hindustan tractor specifications:

  • It features eight forward gearboxes and two reverse gearboxes. This allows for versatility in handling various farming tasks, such as plowing, tilling, and hauling, providing farmers with flexibility in their operations.
  • Furthermore, the Hindustan 60 boasts an impressive forward speed in kilometres per hour. This enables farmers to cover more ground efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity during field operations.
  • Oil-immersed brakes are utilized in the production of the Hindustan 60. It offers better braking performance and durability, ensuring safer operation and reducing maintenance costs for farmers.
  • The Hindustan 60's steering is smooth and power-assisted. Power steering makes maneuvering the tractor easier and less strenuous for the operator. It reduces fatigue during long hours of operation and improves overall comfort.
  • It boasts a large fuel tank capacity, allowing for extended use on farms. This reduces the frequency of refuelling stops, enabling continuous operation without interruptions, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • The Hindustan 60 has a powerful lifting capacity of 1700 kg. This capacity enables the tractor to handle heavy loads with ease. It is suitable for a wide range of agricultural tasks, from lifting implements to transporting harvested crops.
  • This 50 HP tractor is equipped with a variety of tread pattern tyres for efficient operation, with sizes of 7.50 x 16 in the front and 16.9 x 28 in the back. Different tread pattern tyres offer superior traction and stability on various terrains and minimising slippage, especially in challenging field conditions.

Each of these specifications contributes to enhancing the efficiency, productivity, and safety of farming operations, ultimately benefiting farmers by enabling them to accomplish tasks more effectively and comfortably.

Why Is The Hindustan Tractor Popular? (Usp)

  • These tractors offer the best value for money, ensuring that farmers can afford high-quality equipment without breaking the bank. This affordability helps farmers manage their expenses efficiently while still accessing top-notch machinery.
  • The manufacturing quality of Hindustan tractors is excellent, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements. This reliability allows farmers to focus more on their work and less on repairs and downtime, ultimately increasing their productivity.
  • Specific Hindustan tractor specifications are tailored to enhance compatibility, ensuring that each model meets the unique needs and preferences of farmers. This customisation enables farmers to optimize their tractor's performance for various tasks, from plowing to harvesting.
  • Hindustan manufactures economic tractor models designed to fit within the budget constraints of farmers. By offering affordable options, Hindustan empowers farmers to invest in modern machinery that improves their efficiency and profitability.
  • Hindustan Tractor model are synonymous with durability and comfort. They provide farmers with reliable and comfortable machinery that withstands the rigors of agricultural work.
  • All Hindustan tractors are proudly made in India, supporting the local economy and fostering a sense of national pride among farmers. This localisation also ensures that farmers have access to timely support and services. It contributes to a smoother and more convenient ownership experience.

Hindustan Tractor Price In India

The Hindustan tractor price ranges between Rs. 7.15 Lakh and Rs. 7.89 Lakh, making them quite affordable for Indian farmers. The Hindustan New Tractor Price features a range of powerful tractors, all offered at competitive and fair prices in the market.

Every farmer can find a model from this list that suits their farming operations. So, choose the right tractor that fits your budget and meets your farming needs.

Hindustan tractor on-road price varies depending on the location due to factors such as added accessories, selected models, taxes, and RTO registration. For the latest Hindustan tractor price, be sure to check out Tractor Guru.

Hindustan Tractor Dealer

The old and new Hindustan tractor models are now available in many countries. Hindustan tractor dealers have an extensive network in India and easily provide tractors through them. Find out all about Hindustan tractor dealers on our website, along with full details about the Kartar tractor models.

Second-Hand Hindustan Tractor

Hindustan second-hand tractors boast the highest resale value compared to any other brand. You can find these tractors in good condition and get the best deals at Tractor Guru.
With a vast community of buyers and sellers, we simplify the process of buying and selling used tractors. Our platform enables farmers to easily find buyers for their used equipment and access a wide range of options to upgrade or replace their machinery, ultimately helping them optimize their farming operations.

By providing access to well-maintained, high-value, second-hand tractors, we empower farmers to make cost-effective choices that enhance their productivity and efficiency in the field.

Why Are Hindustan Tractors Good For Your Farming?

Hindustan Tractor has a rich history of crafting sturdy and dependable tractors. It is renowned for pioneering agricultural technology and promising enhanced efficiency and productivity on your farm. Indo Farm tractor models are crafted for comfort and easy operation, reducing fatigue and boosting operator productivity. They're also fuel-efficient, saving you money on operating expenses.

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Faqs About Hindustan Tractors

Ans. Hindustan tractor price in 2024 is Rs. 7.80 Lakh up to Rs. 8.20 Lakh

Ans. The Hindustan tractor HP range starts from 60 HP.

Ans. Hindustan 60 is the best Hindustan tractor model in India.

Ans. At TractorGuru, you can find the Hindustan tractor dealer and showroom near you.

Ans. 1 tractor models are available in the Hindustan tractor brand.

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