Eicher Tractors

Eicher tractors are available in India with an HP range of 18 HP to 60 HP. Also, Eicher tractors are available in a price range of Rs. 3.20 Lakhs to Rs. 8.50 Lakhs. The most expensive Eicher tractor price in India is Rs. 8.50 Lakhs which is Eicher 650 model. The cheapest Eicher tractor is Eicher 188 priced at Rs. 3.20 Lakhs. These two tractors are available with an engine HP of 60 HP and 18 HP respectively. There are more than 17 models on offer in the Eicher tractor line-up in India.

Eicher Tractor HP Range 

Eicher tractor HP range is start from 18 HP to 60 HP (Horse Power). These Eicher tractor models are available with different configurations and engine categories. Eicher tractors are available in Mini-tractors and fully organized tractors.

Some popular Eicher tractor models that come in the mini tractor category are Eicher 188, Eicher 242, Eicher 241 XTRAC, and many more. Other popular Eicher tractors are Eicher 380, Eicher 485, Eicher 333, Eicher 551, and Eicher 557. Along with the mini tractor models, the Eicher tractor all model comes in different categories including utility tractors, Eicher 4WD tractor models and heavy-duty tractors. 

Eicher tractors are also available in smart series of tractors. This smart Eicher tractor series are made with advanced and smart technology to help farmers produce more yield with optimum use of resources. These tractors are available in an HP range of 36 HP to 50 HP. Eicher all tractor price from Rs. 5 Lakhs to Rs. 8.50 Lakhs. Popular Smart series of Eicher Tractors models are Eicher 5660 SUPER DI, Eicher 333 Super Plus, and Eicher 5150 SUPER DI.

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All Eicher Tractors

Price: ₹ 6.1 - 6.4 lakh*

HP: 40 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 6.5 - 6.7 lakh*

HP: 45 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 6.95 - 7.2 lakh*

HP: 50 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 6.8 - 7.1 lakh*

HP: 49 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 4.05 - 4.4 lakh*

HP: 25 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 5.45 - 5.7 lakh*

HP: 36 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 3.83 - 4.15 lakh*

HP: 25 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 3.2 - 3.3 lakh*

HP: 18 HP

Drive: 2WD

Eicher Tractors Price List in India

Eicher 380 40 Rs. 6.1 lakh - 6.4 lakh
Eicher 485 45 Rs. 6.5 lakh - 6.7 lakh
Eicher 557 50 Rs. 6.95 lakh - 7.2 lakh
Eicher 551 49 Rs. 6.8 lakh - 7.1 lakh
Eicher 242 25 Rs. 4.05 lakh - 4.4 lakh
Eicher 333 36 Rs. 5.45 lakh - 5.7 lakh
Eicher 241 25 Rs. 3.83 lakh - 4.15 lakh
Eicher 188 18 Rs. 3.2 lakh - 3.3 lakh
Eicher 480 44 Rs. 6.4 lakh - 6.8 lakh
Eicher 650 60 Rs. 8.4 lakh - 8.8 lakh
Eicher 368 38 Rs. 5.4 lakh - 5.65 lakh
Eicher 188 4WD 18 Rs. 4.5 lakh - 5.5 lakh
Eicher 312 30 Rs. 4.8 lakh - 5.1 lakh
Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 40 Rs. 7.9 lakh - 8.2 lakh
Eicher 333 Super Plus 36 Rs. 5.5 lakh - 5.7 lakh

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Tractors By Brand

Used Tractors for Sale

Eicher 333 DI
Eicher 333 DI

Bihar, Lakhisarai

Year: 2014
  • rating
  • rating
  • rating
  • rating

Price: ₹ 92,000 - ₹ 1,22,000

Eicher 380 SUPER DI
Eicher 380 SUPER DI

Madhya Pradesh, Ujjain

Year: 2011
  • rating
  • rating
  • rating
  • rating

Price: ₹ 1,95,000 - ₹ 2,25,000

Eicher 242 XTRAC
Eicher 242 XTRAC

Haryana, Palwal

Year: 2006
  • rating
  • rating
  • rating
  • rating

Price: ₹ 1,10,000 - ₹ 1,40,000

Eicher 485 SUPER DI
Eicher 485 SUPER DI

Madhya Pradesh, Raisen

Year: 2017
  • rating
  • rating
  • rating
  • rating

Price: ₹ 3,65,000 - ₹ 3,95,000

Eicher 368 SUPER DI
Eicher 368 SUPER DI

Gujarat, Mehsana

Year: 2020
  • rating
  • rating
  • rating

Price: ₹ 5,26,000 - ₹ 5,56,000


About Eicher Tractors

Eicher tractors is a brand which is well known for producing heavy-duty commercial vehicles and tractors in India is also known as Eicher Goodearth. Eicher tractors were founded in the late 1930s by brothers Josef and Albert in a small town in Munich, Germany. The company was known for manufacturing and fabricating agricultural equipment and making three-wheeled tractors. With a view to entering the markets with this opportunity, Eicher tractors made their first tractor with a Deutz Diesel engine producing a total output of 20 HP. This tractor was made just to launch the name into the market as the engine was just welded onto the frame and other addons were done. Later in the year 1948 post World War II, there was a huge demand for post-world war machines. The Eicher brand launched its first tractor the Eicher ED 16/1. This tractor was powered by a diesel air-cooled engine producing an output of 16 HP. In the upcoming years, many tractor models were launched with the model’s name ED standing for Eicher Diesel that also includes Eicher tractor 4WD models. With the increase in business and potential to enter new markets. Eicher India was set up in collaboration with Eicher Goodearth a New Delhi-based company in the year 1959. With advanced and cheaper to maintain engines the Massey Ferguson tractor brand acquired the Eicher brand in 1973 under its parent company TAFE (Tractor and Farm Equipment Limited) Group.

Eicher Tractors

With Eicher entering the Indian markets, the brand was set up to dominate the market with its exceptional and easy-to-use German engineering technology. The parent company TAFE limited was successful in doing so and launching Eicher tractors into the Indian markets.

Eicher Tractors are operated and managed by the TAFE group through their headquarters in Chennai, India. The brand has marked its presence across the length and breadth of the nation through its remarkable showroom network. Today Eicher tractor showrooms are available across 718 locations in major states.

Eicher tractors are manufactured in Bhopal, Alwar, and Parwanoo in India. The current Chairman of the TAFE group the parent company of Eicher tractor is Mallika Srinivasan. With such exceptional engineering and R&D capabilities, the brand is projected to grow across the globe.  

Eicher Tractor Features - Why Should you Choose Eicher Tractor? 

Eicher tractors are known in India for their advanced engineering and air-cooled diesel engines. These Eicher tractor model are used for heavy-duty farming purposes and for high-yield crop production. The air-cooled diesel engines are the major selling point for Eicher tractors as these engines have lower maintenance costs and can be affordable to use. Eicher tractor company manufactures the best best eicher tractor models that encourages the farmers to save more from their farming costs and increase the returns.

Eicher tractors have been always active in giving back to the society through various CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. The company is involved in various activities like healthcare, social responsibility, education, farmers’ education, and girl child empowerment. 

Eicher Tractor 2022 - USP

  • Easy and affordable tractors
  • Make in India Brand
  • Wide reach of dealers and service networks
  • Worldwide reach
  • Low maintenance tractor 
  • Powerful diesel air-cooled engines

Latest Eicher Tractor Series 

Eicher Agri-Star series of implements are agricultural equipment on offer from the Eicher tractors. Various utility equipment is available on offer for Eicher tractors. New Eicher tractor models are competitively priced and great for farming use.

Eicher Agri Star Rototiller and Eicher Agri Star Mouldboard plough are the two implements currently on offer by Eicher tractors. 

Eicher Sales Report

Eicher tractors rank in the 2nd position in terms of market capitalization and sales volumes in India. The company jointly owns a market share of almost 19% with TAFE limited and Massey Ferguson in India. Eicher tractors record an annual sales volume of 1,50.000 units all over India.

The company is projected to grow with a year-on-year growth of 10% in India leading to an increased market capitalization. The recent pandemic has been not a big hit for the brand as the sales numbers have been consistent as compared to competitor brands.

Eicher Tractor Price List In India

Eicher tractor price list from Rs. 3.20 Lakhs to Rs. 8.50 Lakhs. The most expensive Eicher tractor models 2022 is Eicher 650 priced at Rs. 8.50 Lakhs. The cheapest Eicher tractor is Eicher 188 priced at Rs. 3.20 Lakhs. Along with the Eicher tractor all price, here you can get all Eicher tractor new model.

Eicher all tractor price list depends upon the taxes, specifications, and on-road prices. The Eicher tractor price of Eicher 380 is Rs. 6.40 Lakhs, Eicher 333 is Rs. 5.70 Lakhs, Eicher 485 is Rs. 6.70 Lakhs, Eicher 241 is Rs. 4 Lakhs, Eicher 242 is Rs. 4.25 Lakhs, and Eicher 480 is Rs. 6.80 Lakhs. 

Eicher Dealers/Showrooms

Eicher tractors are the 2nd most selling brand in India. Eicher tractors are available in India across 718 dealers and more than 1000 customer touchpoints which also includes Eicher new tractor models. These Eicher tractor showrooms are available in major towns and talukas across India. 

Eicher tractors have 718 service centres in India. The Eicher service is affordable and cheap. The spares and parts are manufactured by the Eicher tractors and therefore are easily available. 

Eicher Tractor Resale Value

Eicher tractors have the best resale value compared to any other tractor brand. This is subjective to the condition, mileage, and time. But at TractorGuru you can find the best deal for your used Eicher tractor. We have a huge group of people who buy and sell used Eicher 4x4 tractor. At TractorGuru, you can buy Eicher new model tractor at a convenient new Eicher tractor price with all details and features. 

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Faqs About Eicher Tractors

Ans. Eicher tractor price in 2022 is Rs. 3.20 Lakh that goes up to Rs. 8.50 Lakh.
Ans. The Eicher tractor HP range starts from 18 HP to 60 HP.
Ans. At TractorGuru, you can find the Eicher tractor dealer and showroom near you.
Ans. Eicher 380 is the best tractor model in India.
Ans. Eicher 280 4WD is the best 4WD tractor in India.
Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get all Eicher tractor updates.
Ans. Eicher Tractor has a lifting capacity between 800 kg – 1700 kg.
Ans. Both Mechanical and Hydrostatics Power steering types are fitted in Eicher tractor models.
Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get an updated Eicher tractor price list with reviews, images, videos, news, and Features.
Ans. Eicher 557 is the best 50 HP tractor model.
Ans. Eicher 5150 SUPER DI is the most fuel-efficient Eicher tractor model.
Ans. Eicher 557 2wd Prima G3 tractor has a good hydraulic lifting capacity of 2100 kg with a 65 litres fuel tank.
Ans. Eicher 333 is convenient to the farmer’s budget, priced at Rs. 5.45 Lakh to Rs. 5.70 lakh.
Ans. All Eicher tractor models are suitable for farming implements.
Ans. 24 tractor models are available in the Eicher tractor brand.

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