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Tractor Insurance In India

Tractor insurance is one of the most important documents for a tractor. In India, there are millions of tractors. As per government laws, all tractors have to be insured with tractor Insurance. Tractor insurance helps to cover the expenses of damage in case of an accident, theft, or calamities. Tractor Insurance is available in various types and it totally depends upon the type of tractor, engine capacity, and the company you are insuring from. Insurance is an agreement between the insurer and the insured. This agreement states that an insurer is liable to pay the insured a sum amount for any damage, theft, or calamity against a premium. In case of any accidents other than those mentioned in the contract, the insurer is not liable to pay the compensation.

Insurance policies are available in many types. Suitable for each type of customer. The insurance claim is done in case of an accident. When you apply for a claim to the insurance company, an agent will assess the damage and initiate the claim based upon the policy type.

Types of Tractor Insurance in India

  1. Comprehensive insurance
    Comprehensive insurance covers the damages of a third party as well as your own tractor. Comprehensive insurance is the most valuable type of insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers any damage to the tractor in case of fire, theft, or calamities. This insurance is expensive when compared to other insurance types. 
  2. Third-Party Insurance
    In third-party insurance, only the damages of the third-party person, vehicle, the property are covered. Damages to own tractors are not covered in third-party insurance. Third-party insurance is the most common type of insurance as third-part insurance is affordable when compared to comprehensive insurance. Third-party insurance doesn’t cover any loss due to theft, calamities, or fire. 

What’s Included in a Tractor Insurance?

Tractor insurance has various types of coverages for tractors as well the people involved. We have listed down a few for you.

  1. Accidents
    Any accidents of the tractor are covered under the policy.

  2. Theft
    Comprehensive tractor insurance will cover the damage or loss in case of theft.

  3. Calamities
    In comprehensive tractor insurance, the tractor will be covered against any calamities like floods, landslides, and earthquakes. Some insurers even cover man-made calamities like riots.

  4. Third-party
    An insurance policy even covers third-party damage. The third part will be compensated for the losses.

  5. Personal accidental cover
    In any case of an accident, the treatment of the driver will be covered by comprehensive insurance. Members can be added at a premium price. 

Tractor insurance add-ons
You can personalize your car insurance based upon your needs with addons in the insurance. We have listed a few of the addons for you. 

  1. Zero Depreciation cover

  2. Passenger cover

  3. Return to Invoice cover

  4. Consumable cover

  5. Engine Protection cover

  6. Roadside Assistance (RSA)

  7. Tractor Implements cover

Tractor Insurance companies in India

At TractorGuru you can find the best insurance covers from major insurers, You can choose from Tata AIG, United India Insurance Company, Magma HDI, L & T, ICICI Lombard, Chola MS, Universal sompo general insurance, and New India. Tractor insurance price depends upon many factors. 

Where can I find the best tractor Insurance?

At TractorGuru, you can find the best and lowest tractor insurance price. With a network of more than 50 insurers, we have helped thousands of tractor owners to get insurance. Fill in the details and get the insurance for your tractor!

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New India
New India
Universal sompo general insurance
Universal sompo general insurance
Chola MS
Chola MS
ICICI Lombard
ICICI Lombard
L & T
L & T
Magma HDI
Magma HDI
United India Insurance Company
United India Insurance Company
Tata AIG
Tata AIG

Faqs - About Tractor Insurance In India

Ans. It is important to get agriculture tractor insurance because it prevents various damages like accidents, third-party damages, natural calamities etc.

Ans. Of course, you can get it. Even the RTO gives a maximum period of 14 days to get your insurance transferred after RC transfer.

Ans. You can transfer insurance policy to your name by following this below process: 1. New copy of the form 29, 2. Old insurance policy document, 3. NOC from the last policyholder, 4. New application form, 5. Inspection Report from the insurer, 6. Difference amount of “No Claims Bonus”. After submitting these documents, you should start this transfer process within 14 days of tractor purchase.

Ans. If you are purchasing comprehensive insurance, the tractor operator can be covered under tractor insurance.

Ans. If there is any provision in your tractor insurance policy, you can cover damage incurred due to an electrical fire by your tractor insurance.

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