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Captain tractors are a globally renowned tractor brand with a pioneer in mini tractors. These Captain tractor models range is available in the 15 HP to 28 HP range. However, 9 Captain tractor models in India include 2WD and 4WD, respectively. These tractors are only available in the mini tractor range, which we can also recognize by orchard, compact and sub-compact tractors.

The Captain tractor models are best suited for farmers and compatible with a small area of land. Additionally, the tractor models are 40% fuel-efficient compared to other brands. The Captain 280 DI 4WD of 28 HP is one of the most expensive Captain tractor models, priced at Rs. 4.82 Lakh - 5.00 Lakh. The cheapest tractor from Captain tractors is the Captain 200 DI of 20 HP, which is priced at Rs. 3.29 Lakh - 3.39 Lakh* at our website.

Best Captain Tractor Models Range With HP

Captain tractors are available in 15 HP and 28 HP capacity engines, considering 7 tractor models on our website. The best Captain tractors models range are as follows :

  • Captain 120 DI 4WD and Captain 120 DI with 15 HP

  • Captain 200 DI 4WD and Captain 200 DI with 20 HP

  • Captain 250 DI 4WD and Captain 250 DI with 25 HP

  • Captain 283 4WD 8G with 27 HP

  • Captain 280 DI 4WD and Captain 280 DX with 28 HP

Captain tractors have various attachments for tractors on offer for different types of usage, such as Ploughing, Land preparation, Sowing, Crop Care, Harvesting, and Transportation. Ridger, Disc Plough, MB Plough, Seed Drill, Zero Tillage, Potato Planter, Rotavator, Cultivator, and Trolleys are some of the attachments.

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All Captain Tractors

Price: ₹ 4.84 - 4.98 lakh*

HP: 27 HP

Drive: 4WD

Price: ₹ 3.29 - 3.39 lakh*

HP: 20 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 3.78 - 4.21 lakh*

HP: 20 HP

Drive: 4WD

Price: ₹ 4.04 - 4.42 lakh*

HP: 25 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 4.82 - 5 lakh*

HP: 28 HP

Drive: 4WD

Price: ₹ 4.48 - 4.88 lakh*

HP: 25 HP

Drive: 4WD

Price: ₹ 4.79 - 4.8 lakh*

HP: 28 HP

Drive: 2WD

Captain Tractors Price List in India

Captain 283 4WD 8G 27 Rs. 4.84 lakh - 4.98 lakh
Captain 200 DI 20 Rs. 3.29 lakh - 3.39 lakh
Captain 200 DI 4WD 20 Rs. 3.78 lakh - 4.21 lakh
Captain 250 DI 25 Rs. 4.04 lakh - 4.42 lakh
Captain 250 DI 4WD 25 Rs. 4.48 lakh - 4.88 lakh
Captain 280 DX 28 Rs. 4.79 lakh - 4.8 lakh
Captain 280 DI 4WD 28 Rs. 4.82 lakh - 5 lakh

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About Captain Tractors

Captain tractor is a famous mini tractor brand executed over many visions and missions more than just a steel sheet. This Captain tractor brand was executed in 1994 by two ingenious personalities named G.T Patel and M.T Patel from Gujarat. The idea of manufacturing the first mini in India tractor started this company. The company was founded with their vision now, the company is now known for its Mini tractor, or we can also identify orchard, sub-compact and compact tractors. They completed the vision they had seen in the year 1998 when Captain tractors rolled out its first indigenous mini tractor in the Indian market.


Captain tractors manufactured its 1st generation tractor model, which was built with many advanced technologies and supported ample farming. After passing a successful span of manufacturing 1st Captain tractor, they rolled out 8 generations of tractor over the year. The Captain tractor has seen a decent escalation over the years as they had received approval from the Government of India and NABARD.

As we know, the Captain tractor brand is known as the best compact tractor brand in India and a global exporter of Captain mini tractor. The Captain tractors are highly preferable tractors by the farmers for their small farms and wetlands. This mini tractor Captain brand is not only involved in manufacturing the tractor models but also indulged in crop-specific implements and tractor accessories/attachments. The distinguishing and distinct facto for the achievement of the brand is its affordability and easy access to the tractor model. These Captain tractors are commonly known as Chota tractors in India. It is not only the best tractor in terms of its compact look, but it is also manufactured with reliable and quality engines that show the best mini tractor segment. The Captain tractor engines are built and engineered in India, which makes it a unique homegrown brand.

Additionally, the Captain tractor brand has been ISO certified for ISO 9001-2000 for product design. However, the Patel family has owned and managed the company since its corporation. Currently, the company directors are Mr Rajesh Patel, Mr Satish Patel, Mr Nayan Patel, Mr Kailash Patel, and Mr Satish Patel. Moreover, the Captain tractors manufacturing plant is located in Veraval Shapar, Dist. Rajkot, Gujarat.

Why are Captain Tractors popular among farmers? USP

• Made in India brand

• Best Mini tractor brand in India

• Best-in-class engines, engineered in India

• Affordable range of tractors fits the farmer’s budget.

Captain Tractor Price List in India

The most expensive Captain tractor in India is Captain 280 DI 4WD, priced at Rs. 4.90 Lakhs which is the most popular of all Captain tractors. Captain tractor price depends upon the tractor model you choose as per state and other factors on-road price.

Popular Captain Tractor Models With Price

Here we have the best Captain tractor models 2022 with the Captain mini tractor price list.

• Captain 283 4WD 8G is the best Captain tractor India, also known as Captain 8g tractor, priced at Rs. 4.84 - 4.98 lakh*.

• Captain 200 DI is a fuel-efficient Captain tractor new model which is the best Captain tractor 20 HP, priced at Rs. 3.29 - 3.39 lakh*.

• Captain 250 DI 4WD is one of the best Captain tractor 25 HP models, priced at Rs. 4.48 - 4.88 lakh*.

• Captain 280 DI 4WD is fuel-efficient, provides good mileage and is also the best Captain tractor 28 HP model, priced at Rs. 4.82 - 5 lakh*.

Captain Tractor Sales Report

Captain tractors are known as the Pioneer of the mini and compact tractors in India. The tractors offered by Captain tractors have a very specific market. Hence the mini captain tractor sales are not significant in numbers.

Captain tractors have recorded 4446 units of tractor sales in India in the Financial year 2021 and 3716 units in FY’22. This number is projected to fall year on year at a 16.42% rate.

The tractor Captain company reported total revenue of approx. 90 Crore Rs in the year last Financial year 2020.

Captain Tractors Dealership Network

Captain tractors have a dealership network of more than 150 tractors in India. These dealerships are available in pan India. Apart from the presence in India, Captain tractors also supply tractors globally through their associate concern Captain Agri Machinery in countries like Africa, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Latin America, Iran, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal. Also, here you can get the new Captain tractor price in India with all Captain tractors price list & details.

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Faqs About Captain Tractors

Ans. Captain tractor price in 2022 is Rs. 3.29 Lakh that goes up to Rs. 4.98 Lakh.
Ans. The Captain tractor HP range starts from 15 HP to 28 HP.
Ans. At TractorGuru, you can find the Captain tractor dealer and showroom near you.
Ans. Captain 200 DI is the best Captain tractor model in India.
Ans. Captain 250 DI 4WD is the best Captain 4WD tractor in India.
Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get all Captain Tractor updates.
Ans. Captain Tractor has a lifting capacity between 500 Kg to 1000 Kg.
Ans. Mechanical / Power steering types are fitted in Captain tractor models.
Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get an updated Captain tractor price list with News, reviews, videos, and Features.
Ans. CAPTAIN 280 DI 4WD is the best 28 HP Captain tractor model.
Ans. Captain 280 DX is the most fuel-efficient Captain tractor model.
Ans. Captain 283 4WD 8G tractor has a good hydraulic lifting capacity of 750 Kg with a 19 liters fuel tank.
Ans. Captain 250 DI tractor is convenient to the farmer’s budget, priced at Rs. 4.02 Lakh to Rs. 4.42 Lakh.
Ans. All Captain tractor models are suitable for farming implements.

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