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Mini Tractors In India

We offer more than 105 mini tractor models currently available for sale. Small tractor HP range is 11 HP to 36 HP. The Mini Tractor Price Start from Rs. 2.45 lakh up to 7.55 lakh in India. The lowest 11 HP mini tractor price in India starts from Rs. 2.45 lakh* up to Rs. 2.5 lakh*.

The top compact tractors in India are popular for small farms. Some models include Swaraj Code, Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD, MAHINDRA OJA 2121 4WD, and VST 932 DI 4WD.

Compact tractor models are available at very competitive prices, which are budget-friendly and available in 2wd and 4wd categories. Small tractors for agriculture upgrade part of farming in India. which is commonly popular among farmers. They are essential for small-scale agriculture widely known as the small tractor.

11 HP Mini Tractor Price in India

SONALIKA TIGER ELECTRIC - Lifting Capacity of 500 Kg with Gearbox 6 Forward + 2 Reverse. Its price range is Rs. 5.90 lakh to 6.22 lakh.

SWARAJ CODE - 11 HP Engine with 2-wheel drive, Single clutch. Swaraj code price range Rs. 2.45 lakh - 2.5 lakh in India with 700 hours / 1 year Warranty.

20 HP Mini Tractor Price in India

SONALIKA GT 20 - No of Cylinder 3 with Single Clutch, 20 HP and 2wd /4wd Wheel drive tractor. This chota tractor has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 800 Kg, 6 Forward + 2 Reverse gearbox. Sonalika Gt 20 price range is Rs. 3.28 lakhs to Rs. 3.60 Lakh in India.

MASSEY FERGUSON 5118 - Engine Capacity 825 cc with Single Diaphragm Clutch and Sliding Mesh Transmission Type. Massey 5518 Price 20 Hp tractor 3.25 lakhs to Rs.3.80 Lakhs in India. This compact tractor has a lifting capacity of 750 Kg with a 2000 / 2-year Warranty.

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Mini Tractors Price List-2024

Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 20 ₹ 4.6 lakh - 4.82 lakh
Mahindra 255 DI Power Plus 25 ₹ 4.39 lakh - 4.82 lakh
Mahindra JIVO 305 DI 4WD 30 ₹ 6.37 lakh - 6.63 lakh
Swaraj Code 11 ₹ 2.6 lakh - 2.65 lakh
Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 24 ₹ 5.67 lakh - 5.83 lakh
VST VT - 180D HS/JAI-4W 19 ₹ 2.98 lakh - 3.35 lakh
New Holland Simba 20 4WD 17 Starting at ₹ 4.2 lakh*
Swaraj 724 XM 25 ₹ 4.88 lakh - 5.09 lakh
Kubota Neostar B2741S 27 ₹ 6.27 lakh - 6.29 lakh
Mahindra Oja 2121 4WD 21 ₹ 4.97 lakh - 5.37 lakh

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Mini Tractors

11 HP

Ex-showroom Price

Starting at ₹ 4,20,000*

25 HP

Mini Tractors By Brand

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All About Mini Tractors In India

Mini tractors are essential for farmers who practice farming on a small scale. Mini or Compact Tractors are powerful farming vehicles that are budget-friendly with various features. These small tractors in India have many applications. This includes orchard farming, garden maintenance and crop production in small farms.

As a result, Tractor Guru offers the best-in-class small tractor models for every farmer. Moreover, we offer more than 105 mini tractors in India and have complete details about them. Our platform has reasonably priced Chota tractor models in India with the complete mini tractor price list in India.

What Is The Use Of Mini Tractors In Farming?

Mini tractors are reliable for small-scale farming operations with precision. The right Small tractor takes the farming experience to another level. This is because of their consistent performance without compromising the power.

A mini farm tractor can perform ploughing, sowing and harvesting operations with ease. At the same time, they can easily navigate through narrow spaces with their compact body design. However, these workhorses are designed for every crop grower. As a result, the cost of mini tractor in India is reasonable.

For cost-effective farming, farmers recommend compact tractor models in India. Every small tractor has features similar to a utility tractor in India. This makes them ideal for farmers who have low budgets.

What Are The Features Of Mini Tractor?

  • The HP range of mini tractors in India is 11 HP to 36 HP, adequate for small-scale haulage and other tasks.
  • Mini tractor is essential for crop production and garden maintenance in compact spaces. A small tractor for agriculture has a short turning radius for tighter steering.
  • The body of a compact tractor takes less space, making it easily operable on any field.
  • Every latest update tractor has a small track width for smoother operation.
  • Small farm tractors are known for their lower fuel consumption and effective performance.
  • Compact Tractor are easy to manoeuvre and have easy-to-reach controls for a fatigue-free drive.

Mini Tractor Price List In India

Mini tractor price range in India from Rs. 2.45 lakh and goes up to Rs. 7.55 lakh. However, the on road price of mini tractor is available on Tractor Guru with complete details. Moreover, the ex showroom price of mini tractors differs from the on road price because the latter is calculated after various charges.

Apart from this, every Small Tractor on Tractor Guru is according to the budget of Indian farmers. As a result, farmers recommend Tractor Guru for every information, including Small tractor price list in India.

Mini Tractor HP Range In India

Mini tractor models lie between 11 HP and 36 HP, used in small-scale farming or tasks such as garden maintenance or orchard farming. The 11 HP and 36 HP models are reliable for farming in different terrains. They are used for medium farming fields as well.

However, many tractors below 36 HP are considered utility tractors, but they can perform a number of tasks efficiently. The tractors below 20 HP are popular as small utility tractors or compact tractors.

Which Are The Popular Mini Tractor Models In India?

Popular mini tractors in India are Mahindra JIVO 225 DI, Swaraj Code, Kubota Neostar B2741S, Sonalika GT 20 and Eicher 241 tractor. These compact tractors are fitted with the best engines and modern features.

The Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD is the most powerful mini tractor in India, with 36 HP. It has a price of Rs. 5.75-5.98 Lakh in India. At the same time, the Sonalika Tiger Electric and Swaraj Code are the mini tractors with the lowest HP of 11 HP.


They are available in the best mini tractor brands, such as:-

1. Mahindra Mini Tractor: The price of Mahindra mini tractor range is Rs. 3.2 lakh to 6.13 lakh in India. The Mahindra Compact tractor HP Range is 15 HP to 36 HP with an economical price in India. New tractor Launch 2024: Mahindra OJA 2121 (21 HP) and Mahindra OJA 2130 (30 HP), both with 4WD.

2. Swaraj Mini Tractor: 5 Plus compact tractor models are available from this tractor manufacturer. The Swaraj mini tractor price is Rs. 2.45 lakh up to 5.5 lakh.

3. Farmtrac Mini Tractor HP Range from 22 HP to 35 HP in India. The Farmtrac mini tractor Price range is Rs.5.65 lakh to 6.84 lakh in India.

4. Sonalika Mini Tractor models HP range is 11 HP to 32 HP. Best Selling Sonalika small tractor are the SONALIKA DI 32 BAAGBAN 32 HP tractor with 10 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes. SONALIKA GT 28 4 Wheel Drive is a 600 Kg lifting capacity tractor.

5. Powertrac Mini Tractors are available in 2 models, 25 HP and 28 HP. The price of Powertrac compact tractor is budget-friendly.

6. Eicher Mini Tractor 3 plus Models are available with HP range 18 HP to 25 HP in India.

7. John Deere Mini Tractor Price Range Rs. 7.1 lakh to 9.21 lakh in India.

These brands are the primary choice of farmers to buy powerful mini tractor models. Additionally, they manufacture tractors with advanced technology, hightech features and 4wd tractors. So, if you are thinking of buying a mini tractor for agriculture, you can visit our website. Along with the models, you can find a mini tractor price list that fits your budget.

Recently Launched Mini Tractors In India

Tractor Guru has every update related to the latest mini tractors in India. We have a vast lineup of models available. Let’s look at the recently launched tractors in India.

Powerhouse For Farming Mahindra Oja Compact Tractors

Mahindra Oja launch comprises 7 models for farming. However, these 7 compact tractors come in 2 categories: Mini tractor and small utility tractor. Moreover, the Mahindra Oja 2121, Mahindra Oja 2124, Mahindra Oja 2130 and Mahindra Oja 2127 come under the compact tractor category. On the other hand, Mahindra Oja 3132, Mahindra Oja 3138, and Mahindra Oja 3140 belong to the small utility category.

Swaraj Target Helping Orchard Farming

Swaraj Target tractors focus on orchard farming to help farmers. They come with adjustable steering and a durable body to perform on challenging surfaces. Swaraj Target compact tractors include the Swaraj Target 630 and Swaraj Target 625.

VST Series 9 For Farming Innovation

VST Series 9 mini tractors help farmers with first-in-industry features and higher fuel efficiency. There are 7 small tractors under the VST Series 9 lineup.

Mini Tractors In 2WD And 4WD Models

Small Tractors are available in both 2WD and 4WD tractor models. Wet farming fields and uneven terrain require a 4WD mini tractor. On the other hand, farmers can operate a 2WD samll tractor on less challenging surfaces. Although both models perform seamlessly, the 4WD ones have higher traction and power.

Tractor Guru offers Small tractors in both 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive. Numerous trusted tractor brands provide different compact tractors in different HP ranges. Therefore, buying a Chhota tractor is suitable for every farmer.


1. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT - 15 HP

2. Eicher 242 - 25 HP

3. Swaraj 724 XM Orchard - 25 HP

4. Powertrac 425 N - 25 HP

5. Force Orchard DLX LT - 27 HP


1. Mahindra JIVO 245 DI - 24 HP

2. Swaraj 724 XM - 25 HP

3. John Deere 3028 EN - 28 HP

4. Massey Ferguson 6028 - 28 HP

5. SWARAJ 855 FE - 52 HP

Mini Tractor Dealers In India

Tractor Guru's platform simplifies the process for compact tractor dealers looking to purchase mini tractors. With a vast network of dealers available, it provides a convenience for buying Tractors.

As a result, many farmers trust the tractor dealers on this platform. Moreover, tractor dealers on Tractor Guru ensure hassle-free serviceability PAN India.

Why Choose Tractor Guru For Mini Tractor?

Farmers select Tractor Guru when buying mini tractors because of exceptional range and farmer-centric platform. Presenting a vast range of Compact tractors from various trusted brands, it stands as the hub for farmers. Moreover, the Tractor Guru platform's user-friendly interface and customer support ensure a seamless tractor purchase experience. Regardless of the farmer's level of experience, Tractor Guru's efficient services meet the unique demands of every farmer.

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Faqs - About Mini Tractors in India

Ans. Mahindra is a popular mini tractor.

Ans. Mini tractor models price range from Rs. 2.45 Lakhs to Rs. 8.70 Lakhs at TractorGuru.

Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get the best mini tractor price in India.

Ans. Mini tractors are between 11 HP to 36 HP.

Ans. The Mahindra JIVO 245 DI is the best 24 HP mini tractor model.

Ans. Sonalika GT 20 Rx is 20 HP small tractor model that is value for money.

Ans. Although all mini tractors are reliable, but it is all up to your farming requirements.

Ans. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT is the best mini tractor model 2024.

Ans. Seed drill, power tiller, subsoiler, rotary tiller and many more farming attachments are compatible with mini tractor models.

Ans. Captain 200 DI is the best & reliable mini tractor for a grape vinery farm.


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