Mini Tractors In India

Mini tractors are an upgrading part of agriculture which is commonly popular among farmers. In India, they are small tractor widely known as the Chota tractor, which is referred by foreign Compact tractors. The mini tractor is available in many renowned brands such as Mahindra, Farmtrac, Sonalika, Powertrac, Eicher, John Deere, Swaraj and many more. These tractor brands are the primary choice of farmers to buy mini tractor models. Additionally, they manufacture the advanced technology mini farm tractor models at an economical mini tractor price. So, if you are thinking to buy mini tractor for agriculture, you can visit TractorGuru. Along with the models, you can find small tractor price list that fits your budget.

Currently, we offer more than 50 mini tractor models on our website that relies on the HP range from 15 HP to 36 HP. Mini tractor models are available at very competitive prices, which is much cheaper than other category tractors. The lowest mini tractor price in India from Rs. 2.88 lakh* that goes up to Rs. 8.70 Lakh*. 

Mini Tractor HP Range With Technical Classification

Although the HP range of mini tractors relies on 15 HP to 30 HP, but up to 15 HP tractor models are considered as an orchard or compact tractors. The mini tractors in India are classified on the basis of some parameters like small engine configuration, dimensions and compatible engine parts. Any tractor with a width equal to or lesser than 1200 mm and engine HP of 36 HP or less is also classified as a Mini tractor. 

With this growing market of gardens, orchards and small farming, Mini tractors in India and the rise in agriculture mechanization has been introduced. Basically, small tractor in India is used for gardening, landscaping and small farming purposes. So, they are divided into many categories, including orchard tractors, compact tractors, and sub-compact tractors. A mini tractor for farmers would be a better option because of its lower costs and advanced features, which are completely compatible with small farming and gardens. 

Why should farmers prefer small tractor for agriculture?

As per the data, around 70% population engaged in agriculture practises. Mostly, average farmers are working on the small land, less than 5 hectares, in which they require small farm equipment. To accomplish farming on small farms, farmers prefer mini farming tractor models according to their requirements. Mini tractor in India is highly beneficial for small tracts as they are fuel-efficient and fit into the budget. Accordingly, they can be easily compatible with related farm implements. 

Mini Tractor Features

There are many small landholding farmers in India. So, while buying a small tractor for farming, farmers must focus on certain elements and features that should be considered for a definitive explanation. Therefore, while seeking the best mini tractor model, you should check the specifications and all mini tractor price in India 2022. Here we are showing mini tractor features that will surely help you to recognize a better tractor model for your farm's requirement. 

1. Mini tractor models in India are relies from 11 HP to 36 HP. 

2. All Power mini tractor models are fitted with a powerful engine.

3. Dimensions of mini tractor models should be under 1200 mm.

4. These mini tractor models come paired with small tyres, whether it is a 2WD mini tractor or mini tractor 4x4. 

5. Fitted with compatible qualities and cultivation technologies.

6. Mini tractor models are light in weight.

7. Available with narrow tyre tracks to easy reach on narrow roads.

8. Mini tractor prices are cost-effective and fit into the consumer’s budget.

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Mini Tractors Price List-2022

Swaraj Code 11 Rs. 1.75 lakh - 1.95 lakh
Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT 15 Rs. 3.05 lakh - 3.25 lakh
Swaraj 724 XM 25 Rs. 4.2 lakh - 4.5 lakh
Sonalika GT 20 20 Rs. 3.25 lakh - 3.6 lakh
Eicher 242 25 Rs. 4.05 lakh - 4.4 lakh
John Deere 3028 EN 28 Rs. 6.7 lakh - 7.4 lakh
Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 24 Rs. 5.15 lakh - 5.3 lakh
Swaraj 724 XM Orchard 25 Rs. 4.7 lakh - 5.05 lakh
Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 20 Rs. 4.15 lakh - 4.6 lakh
Eicher 241 25 Rs. 3.83 lakh - 4.15 lakh

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Mini Tractors

Price: Call for price

HP: 11 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 3.05 - 3.25 lakh*

HP: 15 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 4.2 - 4.5 lakh*

HP: 25 HP

Drive: 2WD / 4WD

Price: Call for price

HP: 20 HP

Drive: 2WD / 4WD

Price: ₹ 4.05 - 4.4 lakh*

HP: 25 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: Call for price

HP: 28 HP

Drive: 4WD

Price: ₹ 5.15 - 5.3 lakh*

HP: 24 HP

Drive: 4WD

Price: ₹ 4.7 - 5.05 lakh*

HP: 25 HP

Drive: 2WD

Price: ₹ 4.15 - 4.6 lakh*

HP: 20 HP

Drive: 2WD / 4WD

Mini Tractors By Brand

All About Mini Tractors In India

Mini tractor for agriculture is used for farming, and the dimensions of tractors are smaller to the extent compared to full-sized tractors. Accordingly, the attachments are available in different formats, which can be easily compatible with mini tractor models. Here are some popular mini tractor attachments such as seed drill, broadcast seeder, power tiller, subsoiler, rotary tiller, reaper, rotavator, dozer, and perni yantra.

Popular Mini Tractors Brands

At TractorGuru, more than 50 mini tractor models in India are available in all brands. Currently, there are more than 10 mini tractor brands such as Mahindra, Farmtrac, Sonalika, Captain, Swaraj, Massey Ferguson, Powertrac, Escorts, Eicher, John Deere and many more. These all tractor brands manufacture the best small tractors in India, which are compatible with all small farming activities and related farming implements. Additionally, these tractor brands also manufacture the tractors in both categories, 2WD and 4WD.

The popular Mini tractor 2 wheel models are:- 

1. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT - 15 HP

2. Swaraj Code - 11 HP

3. Eicher 242 - 25 HP

4.Swaraj 724 XM Orchard - 25 HP

5. Powertrac 425 N - 25 HP

6. Force Orchard DLX LT - 27 HP

The popular Mini tractor 4 wheel models are:- 

1. Mahindra JIVO 245 DI - 24 HP

2. Swaraj 724 XM - 25 HP

3. Sonalika GT 20 - 20 HP

4. John Deere 3028 EN - 28 HP

5. Massey Ferguson 6028 - 28 HP

6.Kubota Neostar B2741 - 27 HP

Top 10 Mini Tractors in India 

Here we offer many popular tractor brands, which include the best mini tractor in India. This list of mini tractors in India considers both the categories of 2WD and 4WD, orchard and sub-compact tractors, respectively, as we mentioned above. So, check the best mini tractor models and choose your preferred one according to your requirement with the best mini tractor price in India at our website, TractorGuru. 




4. EICHER 242 - 25 HP 2WD

5. SWARAJ 724 XM - 25 HP 2WD/4WD

6. JOHN DEERE 3028 EN - 28 HP 4WD


8. SWARAJ 717 - 15 HP 2WD

9. VST SHAKTI 932 - 30 HP 4WD

10. EICHER 188 - 18 HP 2WD

Mini Tractor Price List in India

As the small tractor for agriculture manufactured in small or compact sizes and comparative utility or heavy-duty tractor engines, it is fitted with smaller displacement engines which are available in lower tax brackets. Hence this reduces the overall mini tractor cost and serves budget-friendly mini tractor price 2022. 

Mini tractors price list is fair according to the farmer’s budget,ng from Rs. 2.88 lakh* and goes up to Rs. 8.70 Lakh*. This mini tractor on road price may differ due to RTO charges, including road tax, registration charges, and many other miscellaneous charges. 

In the past 7-8 years, demand for mini tractors has increased immensely in India. Mini tractor models have immense demand in the Indian market covering around 7% of the whole tractor industry because of some essential factors. It can easily handle all small farming with ease and can provide easy access on narrow roads and hilly terrains. Although the Mahindra Yuvraj 215 is one of the first Mini Tractors. 

Find Mini Tractors at Tractor Guru

Buy mini tractor 2022 models at TractorGuru at a convenient price range. Get the best mini tractor price model list with all the details and features. Here you can also put your used mini tractors for sale and buy used mini tractor models at a fair price. TractorGuru assists you with the best and most relevant information regarding farm machinery. Along with the price and models, you can also get the news, current updates, mini tractor blogs, and so many things that can easily help you to buy the best mini tractor model in India. For more information regarding tractors and their models, get in touch with TractorGuru and keep updated.

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Faqs - About Mini Tractors in India

Ans. Mahindra is a popular mini tractor brand.
Ans. Mini tractor models price range from Rs. 2.88 Lakhs to Rs. 8.70 Lakhs at TractorGuru.
Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get the best mini tractor price in India.
Ans. Mini tractors are between 15 HP to 36 HP.
Ans. The Mahindra JIVO 245 DI is the best 24 HP mini tractor model.
Ans. Sonalika GT 20 Rx is 20HP small tractor model that is value for money.
Ans. Although all mini tractors are reliable, but it is all up to your farming requirements.
Ans. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT is the best mini tractor model 2022.
Ans. Seed drill, power tiller, subsoiler, rotary tiller and many more farming attachments are compatible with mini tractor models.
Ans. Captain 200 DI is the best & reliable mini tractor for a grape vinery farm.

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