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About EMI Calculator

Buying a tractor is one of the important decisions for a farmer. Tractors are used widely in farms and provide the best results with minimum effort. Buying a tractor has been made easy with various financing options like loans. You can buy a tractor by signing up for a tractor loan.

Once signed up you have to pay a downpayment and then pay an EMI (Equated Monthly instalments) every month. But before you sign up for the loan you have to calculate the EMI and check if you can afford the monthly payment. EMI depends upon various variables like the Principle amount, Interest rate, tenure of loan and much more. 

At Tractorguru you can calculate EMI easily by just entering the details. TratorGuru offers the best EMI calculator for tractor loans.

Here we have some examples, with the help of these examples you can easily calculate your EMI. 

Loan Amount 


Interest Rate



60 Months


Rs.  27,053/-


36 Months


Rs.  21,286/-


24 Months


Rs.  19,269/-

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Faqs About EMI Calculator

Ans. EMI calculator will help you to calculate your loan amount and monthly installments.

Ans. You can calculate the tractor loan EMI, for instance (I = P x R x T/100 x 12).

Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get a reliable EMI calculator for agriculture loan.

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