Size: Front 6.5 X 20


Size: Rear 16.9 X 30

JK Sona-1

Size: Rear 18.4 X 30


Size: Front 5.2 X 14


Popular Tractor Tyre Brands



Size: Front 6.5 X 20


Size: Front 6.5 X 20


Size: Front 6.5 X 20


Size: Front 6 X 16



Apollo FX 515

Size: Rear 11.2 X 28

Apollo FX 212

Size: Rear 5 X 12

Good Year Sampurna

Size: Rear 13.6 X 28


Size: Rear 16.9 X 30


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About Tractor Tyre

Tractors are widely used all over the world for agricultural and varied purposes. The use of every tractor may not be the same but they are built to work on any surfaces. In order to carry out work in any terrain, the right tractor tyre is important. A tyre to a tractor is as important as fuel to the engine. Without a tractor tyre, a tractor cannot be moved. Hence, it is very important to have the right tyre for your tractor. In India more than a million tyres are sold annually, these tractor tyres are manufactured in sustainable manufacturing units across India.

Tractor Tyre Size

Tractor tyres are available in various sizes and tread patterns. In two-wheel-drive tractors, the front tyres are called as steer tyres and the rear tyres are called as drive tyres or wheels. Meaning that front tyres are used for steering the tractor in different directions and rear tyres are used to deliver the power from the engine to the ground in order to move. Hence, two-wheel-drive tractors have a smaller wheel in the front and a bigger wheel at the rear. Whereas, 4-wheel-drive tractors all the 4 wheels are powered. Hence, in order to deliver the power efficiently, the front wheels are bigger when compared to two-wheel drive tractors. Tractor tyres are available in various different sizes depending on the make and model of your tractor. Tractor tyres are available in the rim size range of 16 inches to 28 inches. 

Tractor Tyre Construction

When considering the tyre and wheel size it is also important to understand the tread pattern of a tractor tyre. Treads are patterns on tyres which are designed and engineered to offer maximum grip to avoid slippage, decrease the road-noise, improve comfort and offer maximum efficiency. A tyre without any treads or patterns is called a slick. Tractor tyres are made up of soft as well as hard compound rubbers. Soft compound tyres are costlier and have a shorter life but they provide exceptional grip on roads. Whereas, hard compound tyres are durable and affordable. Tractor tyres are made with natural rubbers and as well as synthetic rubbers as butadiene rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber.

How to check tractor tyres Size

It is a common question among all tractor users. How to read tractor tyre size. Tractor tyre sizes are mentioned in the sidewall of the tyre. A sidewall of the tyre is the outer facing part of the tyre which is in level with the rims. Tractor tyre sizes are mentioned in this pattern 13.6-28, all the measurements are in inches. So here 13.6 inches in the width of the tractor tyre and 28 inches is the diameter of the rims known as rim size. Other important factors such as load warning, speed rating. Load index number and bead seating warning can also be checked.

Another important number to check while buying a tractor tyre is to check the tyre manufacturing date. How to check the tractor tyre manufacturing date? Tractor tyre manufacturing dates are mentioned on the tyre sidewalls known as date code. It is mentioned on the tyre in this pattern: 32/19. Here the first 2 digits mention the week of manufacturing and the last two digits signify the year of manufacturing. Hence, for example, the above tractor was manufactured in the 32nd week i.e August in the year 2019. It is recommended that you should not use a tyre that is not used for 5 years since the date of manufacturing. 

Tractor tyres Brands

Tractor tyres are available for all types of models and brands of tractors. At TractorGuru you can find Mahindra tractor tyre, John Deere tractor tyre, Sonalika tractor tyre, New Holland tractor tyre, Massey Ferguson tractor tyre, Escort tractor tyre, Powertrac tractor tyre, Farmtrac tractor tyre, Eicher tractor tyre, Swaraj tractor tyre, Kubota tractor tyre, VST tractor tyre, and many more brands.

Farm vehicles are considered heavy-duty vehicles and require specialised engineering to develop tractor tyres. There are many brands internationally that manufacture tractor tyres but the best brands are:

You can buy tractor tyres online from popular tractor tyre brands from TractorGuru. Some popular tyre models are Ayushmaan, Agrimax, Farm Haul patina, Chakra, Shaan and many more.

Tractor Tyre Price

Tractor tyres are available in an affordable price range in India. Tractor prices depend upon the size of the tyre, brand, and tread pattern. This also depends upon the type of tyre you are choosing.

In India, the most affordable tractor tyre price is Rs, 3000. These rates go all the way up to Rs. 40000. This depends upon the size of tyre that you are choosing for your tractor. 

At TractorGuru you can buy tractor tyres online. You can also compare tractor tyres and also find popular tractor tyres. We have a range of tyres suiting various tractor tyre sizes. AT TractorGuru there is a range of more than 100 tyre models. You can browse through the collection and buy a tractor tyre easily.

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Faqs About Tractor Tyres

Ans. JK Tyre, MRF Tyre, Good Year Tyre, Apollo Tyre, CEAT Tyre, BKT Tyre and Birla Tyre are the best brands for tractor tyres.

Ans. Mini tractor tyres are most suitable for gardens and orchards.

Ans. 7 tractor tyre brands are available at TractorGuru.

Ans. At TractorGuru, you can compare tractor tyres to find the best tractor tyre.

Ans. TractorGuru is the most trusted online platform to buy tractor tyres.

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