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Autonxt introduced 3 tractor models for effortless farming, and these models range from 20 HP to 42.9 HP. Autonxt Automation is the leading force behind the production of India's first-ever electric tractor. However, Autonxt revealed its first-ever autonomous electric tractor in the February of 2023. Apart from this, the Autonxt Tractor price in India is not yet revealed by the brand. The names of its 3 tractor models are Autonxt X20H4, Autonxt X35H2, and Autonxt X45H2. These models will significantly help to improve the farmers' incomes by reducing the expenses of essential farming activities.


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About Autonxt Tractors

AutoNxt is an automation technology startup that is currently working to bring India's first electric, self-driving tractor to market. These tractors use electric motors to produce high torque. AutoNxt has developed advanced off-road automation technologies for tractors, a process that took over 25 years of continuous research and testing. The AutoNxt electric tractor is equipped with various sensors, including LiDAR, RADAR, and synchronized cameras. These sensors enable the AutoNxt tractor to navigate and avoid obstacles in farming fields.

Furthermore, Autonxt tractor are an environmentally friendly solution that reduces pollution caused by traditional agricultural activities using fossil fuels. This Autonxt electric tractor can perform many tasks, including ploughing, tilling, disking, and spraying insecticides. Such tasks are essential for cultivating multiple crops together.

On average, Autonxt electric tractors can operate for around 6 hours on a farm. They can cover an area of around 6 acres before needing to recharge. Using a fast charger, an AutoNxt tractor can fully charge in 2 hours. With a standard charger, it takes about 8 hours to charge fully.

Why is Autonxt Tractor the Best Tractor? | USP

Autonxt tractor boast several unique specifications that make them stand out in their class. Some of these notable features are as follows:

  • The AutoNxt tractor operates without the need for human intervention, enhancing efficiency and reducing labor costs in farming operations
  • The AutoNxt tractor, with its 1200 kg mass, provides excellent grip on farm terrain for various jobs such as soil preparation, tillage, and more.
  • The potent 3-phase motor of Autonxt electric tractor delivers 160 NM of peak torque, plenty for tough farm work.
  • A full charge lets these electric workhorses plough for 150 km before needing a recharge.
  • They can run around the clock, boosting output while minimising labour expenses.
  • Less upkeep is needed long-term versus old gas/diesel tractors.
  • Autonxt’s App lets farmers keep tabs on battery life and mechanics through their phones.
  • Autonxt electric tractor is designed to minimize noise, vibration, and roughness for a smooth and quiet ride.
  • The lifting capacity of AutoNxt's electric tractors ranges from 750 kilograms to 1,800 kilograms, making them suitable for various agricultural tasks requiring heavy lifting.

These innovative traits help farmers be more efficient, productive, and cost-effective. The self-driving capability, long-range, and remote monitoring free up time and resources. Switching to Autonxt's cutting-edge electric tractors enables eco-friendly yet high-tech farming practices.

Autonxt Tractor price in India

The Autonxt tractor price is yet to be announced. However, the cost breakdown of the electric tractor is discussed; many of the taxes in the various stages are subsidised by the central government. Hence, the Autonxt Tractor on the road price will be significantly less than that of its counterpart diesel tractors.

Popular Autonxt Tractor in India

Autonxt offers 3 popular models designed to help farmers increase their income by reducing expenses for important farming tasks. These 3 popular Autonxt tractor are:
Autonxt X20H4 - The X35H2 is a versatile tractor with a range of 35 HP to 45 HP. It is ideal for individual farmers who need to perform various heavy farming tasks and engage in medium-sized haulage activities. The tractor is equipped with a 25 KWh battery. It can be fully charged in 8 hours using a slow charger or in 2 hours with a fast charger. It also features a 20 kW motor, which allows the tractor to operate for approximately 6 hours or cover around 6 acres on a single charge.

Autonxt X35H2 -The X45H2 electric tractor is equipped with a 32KW motor and a 35KWh battery. It provides up to 8 hours of working time and covers approximately 8 acres. Furthermore, it features hydraulic operations and automated steering. This machine also includes smart features like Crop Health Analysis. The battery takes 8 hours to charge with a slow charger and 2 hours with a fast charger.

Autonxt X45H2 - This mini power-punch tractor range offers models with 16 to 20 horsepower. These tractors are perfect for gardening, backyard upkeep, horticulture, and small-scale haulage in construction settings. They are designed to move quickly, allowing you to complete your daily tasks efficiently. The tractors are equipped with a 15 kWh battery. The charging time varies depending on the charger used: it takes 8 hours with a slow charger and only 2 hours with a fast charger.

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