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Total Domestic Tractor Sales Registered a Hike of 52,487 Units in May 2022

Total Domestic Tractor Sales Registered a Hike of 52,487 Units in May 2022
Posted -09 June 2022 Share Post

Total tractor retail sales escalated in May 2022. These sales figures show the 3 times growth in May 2022 to 52,487 units while in May 2021 the sales were 16,623 units. 

New Holland Tractor

Retail Tractor Sales Figures May 2022 - Brand Division

Mahindra tractors recorded a sales of 11,960 units in May 2022 which shows a decent growth by 214.32% compared to 3,805 units sold in May 2021. 

Swaraj Tractor by Mahindra & Mahindra group, also registered a growth of 197.83% by selling 8789 units in May 2022 while it solds 2,951 in May 2021. But the company lost its -1% market shares. 

M&M President of Farm Equipment Sector, Mr Hemant Sikka said, “this is on the back of the 51% growth achieved in April 2022. With the timely arrival of the south-west monsoon and forecast of a normal monsoon, the kharif crop is expected to deliver record production. Food prices continue to be high, ensuring better remuneration for farmers for their produce, creating a positive sentiment and higher demand for tractors and agricultural implements” also added. 

Massey Ferguson by TAFE Limited sold 6821 units in May 2022 which registered 258.62% growth compared to May 2021, in which it sold 1902 units. As a result, the company's market shares increased by 1.56%.  

Sonalika tractors by International Tractors Limited has also gained profit in May 2022 by selling 6,111 units which increased by 175.77% growth which is 3895 units higher than May 2021. But, the company lost its market shares by 1.69%. 

Mr Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director ITL said, “It feels invigorating as all our concerted efforts have resulted in another electrifying performance by Sonalika in May '22. With a record 42.1% growth, we have registered our highest ever May sales of 12,615 tractors. Sonalika truly believes in addressing specific farmer requirements and delivering dynamic tractor performance as well as affordability for farmer’s peace of mind. Favourable factors such as consistent increase in MSP by the government, improved rabi crop procurement and now the timely arrival of monsoon in the country will set up a viable platform for agriculture activities to flourish in FY '23.”

Escorts Limited tractor sales increased by 235.02% by selling 5826 units in May 2022 while the company sold 1739 units in May 2021. Along with, the company also gained its market share by 0.64%. 

Escort Limited said, “rural sentiment gradually improved in spite of low crop yields due to extreme heat conditions this harvest season, on account of better crop price realisation and forecast of normal rainfall and possible timely sowing this year.

Company added, “With recent Government actions, Inflation may stabilise in the near term and operating leverage may further possibly help in partially diluting the impact on margins in coming quarters." Also added, with Government thrust on infrastructure we expect good recovery in the later part of the current fiscal year 2022-23. But the steep rise in input costs leading to higher owning costs for customers remains a key cause of concern." 

John Deere India PVT LTD company recorded its total tractor sales growth by 196.2% at 3898 units in May 2022 which is much higher than 1316 units which sold in May 2021. On the other hand, the company lost its market share by 0.49%. 

Eicher tractor is the first choice of farmers because of its reliability and quality tractors. However, the company recorded its sales growth by 244.71% in May 2022. It sold 2,999 units in May 2022 against 870 units in May 2021. In addition, the company also gained a market share by 0.48%. 

New Holland tractors by CNH Industrial, gained a three-times growth by 277.55% at 2,254 units in May 2022 while it sold 597 units in May 2021. Additionally, the company increased its market shares by 0.07%. 

Kubota Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. is a Japanese company. The total tractor sales of this company escalated by 504.69% by selling 1,161 units in May 2022 compared to May 2021. Along with that, the company increased its market share by 1.05%. 

VST Tillers Tractors retail sales are recorded with 337.04% growth by selling 354 units in May 2022 and 81 units in May 2021. As a result, the company's market shares are also raised by 0.18%. 

Indo Farm tractor recorded its sales by 265.17% growth by selling 325 units. The company also gained its market shares by 0.08% in the same month. 

Force Motors recorded its total tractor sales with a growth of 568.89%. It sold 301 units in May 2022 against 45 units in May 2021. Force tractors also earned their market share by 0.03%. 

Captain tractors gained 41.44% tractor sales in May 2022 by selling 157 units. Additionally, the company has gained its market share by 0.37%. 

Apart from all tractors, the other tractor sales recorded 115.94% growth in May 2022 by selling 1531 units while 709 units in May 2021. 

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