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Sonalika Tractors Recorded: Highest-Ever Yearly Tractor Sales of 1,51,160 in FY'23

Sonalika Tractors Recorded: Highest-Ever Yearly Tractor Sales of 1,51,160 in FY'23
Posted -04 April 2023 Share Post

International Tractors Limited (Sonalika & Solis) Sold 1,51,160 Yearly Tractors

In Fiscal Year 2023, International Tractors Limited (Sonalika & Solis) sold 1,51,160 yearly tractors.

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International Tractors Limited (Sonalika & Solis) has achieved their second milestone by selling 100,000 tractors annually. They now have a new goal of reaching 200,000 tractor sales, which they call 'Mission 2 Lakh'. The company has a clear plan to achieve this new milestone.

Mr Raman Mittal, one of the leaders at International Tractors Limited (which owns the brands Sonalika and Solis), recently shared on his Linkedin page about the company's remarkable achievements.

He announced, "It is indeed a momentous occasion as we at ITL have achieved 1,51,160 annual #tractor #sales in FY'23 which is the second biggest milestone after 1,00,000 annual tractor sales.

The new milestone has reaffirmed our confidence that all the capabilities that we developed after achieving the 1st #landmark are on the right track. While we continued to capitalise on our strengths, we remained in-sync with our DNA of innovating for farmer's prosperity."

Mr Mittal expressed, "We have always remained hungry to achieve the extraordinary and are fully geared up for our next big #milestone of 'Mission 2 Lakh'. Our passionate teams and channel partners are all prepared with a consolidated plan of actions, re-energized strategies to build on our strengths and while being adaptive, leap forward towards this new milestone." 

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