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Bhagwant Mann Reveals Sonalika's Rs. 1300 Crore Expansion Plan at Hoshiarpur Plant

Bhagwant Mann Reveals Sonalika's Rs. 1300 Crore Expansion Plan at Hoshiarpur Plant
Posted -15 March 2024 Share Post

Sonalika, a leading tractor manufacturer, is undertaking a notable expansion in Punjab, with significant investments in store. They plan to allocate Rs 1000 crore for the establishment of a new tractor assembly plant and Rs 300 crore for a high-pressure foundry. These investment commitments were made public late last year and reaffirmed during the recent groundbreaking ceremony attended by Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann.

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The upcoming assembly plant, tailored for export obligations, is anticipated to boost the company's annual capacity by 1 lakh tractors upon full operation. Moreover, the high-pressure foundry facility, named DRAS, is poised to become the largest casting plant in North India once completed. 

Designed by seasoned Japanese engineers, the new facilities adhere to stringent Japanese manufacturing standards, ensuring exceptional quality and efficiency. This expansion will further solidify Sonalika's status as the largest integrated tractor plant globally.

Dr Amrit Sagar Mittal, Vice Chairman of Sonalika Tractors, thanked CM Mann for being at the event. He emphasized how crucial these investments are for Sonalika to maintain its status as the owner of the world's biggest tractor-manufacturing facility. However, Dr Mittal also commended the government's support, particularly its single-window channel for expediting new projects in Punjab.

Furthermore, Mr. Akshay Sangwan, Director of Development & Commercial at Sonalika Tractors, emphasized the enhancements in the heavy-duty tractor range facilitated by the new casting plant's advanced technology.

During his visit, CM Mann toured Sonalika's existing tractor production facility, which is the world's largest. He lauded Sonalika Group's remarkable ability to roll out a new tractor every two minutes and acknowledged their pivotal role in propelling industrial growth in Punjab.

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