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Kubota MU4501 price starts from ₹ 8,29,600 and goes up to ₹ 9,79,600. Moreover, the Kubota MU4501 model is a 45 HP, fitted with 2434 CC engine delievers maximum output with 4 cylinders. In addition, the Kubota MU4501 tractor is available with 8 Forward and 4 Reverse gears with a 1640 lifting capacity. Buy Kubota MU4501 at TractorGuru with price & other information.

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Engine HP 45 HP
PTO HP 38.25 HP
Wheel drive 2WD / 4WD
Forward Gears 8
Reverse Gears 4
Brake Type Oil Immersed
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Kubota MU4501 Features

No. of cylinder

No. of cylinder


Lifting Capacity

Lifting Capacity

1640 Kg



5000 Hours / 5 year

Gear Box

Gear Box

8 Forward + 4 Reverse






Power Steering

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Established in 1890, this tractor brand was made for the people of Japan. However, slowly but steadily, it became an MNC serving people of the globe. Kubota is a tractor brand that has developed deep roots in the Indian tractor market. The Kubota MU4501 is one of its competing tractor models in the medium-price segment (INR 7-10 lacs).

Kubota MU4501 tractor, based on its motives to deliver 'technology, good for the society' is trying hard to deliver the values needed to beat its competitors. Kubota MU4501 tractor's power-packed performance is because of its efficient diesel engine made by the company itself. The company claims an engine power of 45 HP at 2500 RPM. Kubota MU4501 tractor comes in 2 variants:

  • Kubota MU4501 2WD

  • Kubota MU4501 4WD

Kubota MU4501 Specifications / Why Buy Kubota Mu4501?

Kubota MU4501 comes with a peculiar nosy and aerodynamically controlled design that makes the tractor attractive. Making 'for earth, for life' has been deeply and seriously adopted in the company’s domain. Buy, why should a farmer choose Kubota MU4501 tractor? Let’s discuss!

  • Kubota Mu4501 tractor comes with 2434 CC, 4-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine. This engine produces 45 HP of power and rotates engine with a rotational speed of 2500 RPM. Henceforth making the engine travel with a speed of approximately 30 Kmph in the forward direction while providing a reverse speed of 14 Kmph.

  • The oil-immersed brakes absorb all the heat, and therefore, the longevity of brakes is increased.

  • The Kubota Quad-4 piston reduces friction and improves fuel efficiency.

  • There is a separate balancer shaft to absorb engine vibrations and maintain low noise in the Kubota MU4501 tractor.

  • The gears are of synchromesh transmission type, and hence smooth transmission takes place. This makes steep hill operations easy.

  • The suspended braking system makes it easier to operate them.

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₹ 1,65,920

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₹ 8,29,600

Interest Rate

15 %

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Kubota MU4501 Full Specifications


HP Category
45 HP
Engine Capacity
2434 cc
Engine Rated RPM
2500 RPM
No of Cylinder
Air Filter
Dry type, Dual element
Cooling System
Liquid cooled


Clutch Type
Transmission Type
Gear Level Position
Side Shift
Speed Min-Max
3 – 30.8 kmph
Reverse Speed Min - Max
3.9 – 13.8 kmph
Forward Gears
Reverse Gears


Brake Type
Oil Immersed
Turning Radius With Brake
2900 mm


Steering Type
Power Steering
Steering Adjustment


PTO Type
6 Spline
540, 750
38.25 HP


Fuel Tank Capacity
60 litres


1850 KG
1970 KG
1990 MM
1990 MM
Overall Length
3100 MM
3110 MM
Tractor Width
1865 MM
1870 MM
Ground Clearance
405 MM
365 MM


Lift Capacity In Kg
1640 kg
Hydraulic Controls


6 X 16 / 7.5 X 16
13.6 X 28 / 14.9 X 28


Drive Type
2WD / 4WD


5000 Hours / 5 year

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A True Evaluation of Kubota MU4501 Tractor

When talking about tech embedded in a tractor with motives. Being one of the oldest tractor brands in the world, it is known for its contribution to farmers and environmental sustainability. Let’s discuss the key features of the Kubota MU4501 tractor one by one.

The engine and the performance of the MU4501 Kubota tractor

The compression ignition engine in the Kubota MU4501 tractor comes with a 2434 cc engine with a dry-type dual-element air filter. This enables the Quad 4 piston engine of Kubota MU4501 to perform efficiently with efficient fuel consumption and less friction. Hence, reducing wear and tear. The 60-litre fuel tank makes the MU4501 Kubota tractor a rough and tough one.

The balancer shaft in the engine of the MU4501 tractor rotates at double the speed of the engine in the reverse direction. This is to maintain overall noise and vibrations in the engine. The gears of MU4501 Kubota work in a synchronized transmission mode. Hence, enabling smooth transmission of gears. Giving the engine the power to work in steep slopes and hilly areas. The double-acting power steering makes the drive an easy go-through for an effortless ride in rough terrains.

The stylish design of the Kubota MU4501

The sleek design and saffron look suit the tractor. The front halogen lamps lie on the single-piece bonnet. While the chimney lies on the left-hand side, as seen from the driver’s end. The speedometer, RPM meter, etc., are LED lit. 

Thus, making the Kubota MU4501 tractor an all-weather, 24*7 tractor. Furthermore, the key stop solenoid facilitates the engine turning off with ease. There are LED turning lights on the mudguard that support safe on-road operations. There is a halogen lamp on the rear as well that makes reverse gear operations at night easily viable.

Hydraulics and brakes Of MU4501 Kubota

The Kubota Mu4501 comes with ADDC (Automatic Draft and Depth Control) that enables the tractor to lift a weight of 1640 Kg. The weight lifting capacity is supported by a take-off power of 38.25 HP. Supported by 6 splines, the PTO gives the driver shaft a rotational velocity of 540 RPM. The oil-immersed brakes in the MU4501 Kubota make the tractor more efficient. And thus, it carries a better brake horsepower than its mates.

The dimensions and gears of MU4501 Kubota 

MU4501 Kubota tractor comes with an astonishing weight of 1850 Kg, which is significantly lighter than its mates in the segment. Having a ground clearance of 405 mm, the tractor MU4501 comes with a wheelbase of 1990 mm. It covers a square space of 3100*1800 square mm. The front tyres are 6*16 square inches, while the rear ones are 13.8*28 square inches.

The synchromesh synchronised gears are well composed. And hence, reduce wear and tear to much extent. The front gear, along with the dual-clutch, is responsible for a forward speed of 30.8 Kmph. And the reverse gear is responsible for 13.8 Kmph along with the same dual clutch. 

There are two variants of Kubota MU4501 tractors in the Indian market. The variants are listed below. Let us discuss them one by one. 

  • Kubota MU4501 2wd

Kubota MU4501 comes with a Kubota V2403-M-DI-E3 model diesel engine with an inline fuel injection pump. Therefore increasing the longevity of the engine. All the above-described power is captured in two wheels of the tractor. The Kubota Mu4501 2wd price in India is Rs. 8.30-9.80 Lacs. 

  • Kubota MU4501 4wd

Kubota MU4501 comes with the same engine as in 2WD. The only difference between the Kubota MU4501 2WD and 4WD is that the 4WD variant has all four wheels connected to the engine shaft. While the 2WD only has 2 wheels connected to the engine shaft. This gives the tractor strength in muddy conditions. And, henceforth makes the tractor an all-around performer. 

The Kubota MU4501 4wd tractor price is around Rs. 8.30-9.80 Lacs.

Kubota MU4501 Review and Price

Our Kubota MU4501 review says, ‘It is an efficient tractor with advanced technology embedded in it. This tractor is fuel efficient and is compatible with every terrain in India. Furthermore, the tractor is also equipped with enough comfort keeping the driver’s attention in focus. Hence, Kubota MU4501 is just an aptly priced tractor.'

The Kubota MU4501 price in India is Rs. 8.30-9.80 Lacs.

Get Kubota MU4501 updates and latest Kubota MU4501 price of April 20, 2024.

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FAQS - About Kubota MU4501

Ans. Kubota MU4501 has 45 HP for efficient farming.

Ans. Kubota MU4501 has 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gearbox.

Ans. The starting price of Kubota MU4501 is Rs. 829600 .

Ans. Kubota MU4501 has 60 litres fuel tank capacity.

Ans. Kubota MU4501 has Power Steering.

Ans. Synchromesh transmission is available in Kubota MU4501.

Ans. Yes, you can finance Kubota MU4501 tractor at TractorGuru with many EMI options.

Ans. Oil Immersed are available in Kubota MU4501 tractor.

Ans. 1990-1990 mm' wheelbase is available in Kubota MU4501 tractor.

Ans. Best models of Kubota tractor are Kubota MU5502, Neostar A211N - OP, L3408 and many more.

Ans. The Kubota MU4501 model delivers the the 38.25 PTO HP.

Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get current updated of Kubota MU4501.

Ans. 5000 Hours / 5 warranty is available on Kubota MU4501 .

Ans. The Kubota MU4501 model is available in 2WD / 4WD.

Ans. The ground clearance of Kubota MU4501 tractor model is 405-365 MM.

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