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India’s tractor retail sales declined by 1.49% in September 2022: A FADA report

India’s tractor retail sales declined by 1.49% in September 2022: A FADA report
Posted - October 06, 2022 Share Post

On the 4th of this month, FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations) released retail tractor sales data in the country. And as per the report, tractor dealers across the country sold about 52,595 tractors in the country. This was 1.49% lesser than the previous year’s September (53392 Units).

New Holland Tractor

A brand-wise FADA tractor sales report 2022


The retail sales report for September 2022

Mahindra Tractor sales recorded a 2.38% retail sales growth this September as compared to the previous year’s September. The tractor company sold 12,050 uniting tractors in 2022, as compared to 11,770 tractor units sold in the same month the previous year. Due to this, Mahindra Tractor's market shares rose by 0.87%.

Talking about Swaraj Tractors,  a division of Mahindra and Mahindra Group, the company faced a loss of 3.06%. As per the report, the company sold 8,429 tractor units in September 2022 against 8,695 units in September 2021. 

Moving towards Tafe Limited, the company made a record by selling the highest-ever units in the previous month, increasing its growth by 8.71%. The units sold this September, and the previous September were 6664 and 6130. 

In addition to this, Sonalilka Tractors witnessed a loss of 4.24 % in tractor retail sales. The company authorized retail dealers sold 6206 units as compared to 6481 units in the previous year.

The Escorts tractor sold 5114 units leading to a retail loss of 6.56%. The company sold about 5114 units in September,2022 as compared to 5473 units in the previous year’s September.

Furthermore, John Deere tractor lost a market share of 0.77%, leading to a loss of 9.95%. The company sold 4267 units this year as compared to 4739 units the previous year in the same month.

In addition to this, Eicher tractors gained market share by 0.57% this year. Eicher tractor authorized dealers sold about 3049 units in September 2022, which were 258 and 9.24% greater than 2791 units sold in the previous year.

Talking about one of the most famous tractors in the country, i.e. New Holland Tractors, it too lost market share by 0.1% this September. As per the report,  2099 units were sold in September 2022, as compared to 2186 tractors sold last year in the same month.

While Kubota Tractors' retail sales increased by 3.81% in September 2022. Kubota tractors sold a higher percentage, i.e. 1388 units interestingly, as compared to 1337 tractors sold last year in the same month. Henceforth losing a market share by 0.14% in tractor retail sales.

The VST tractors and Tillers sales recorded a rise in retail tractor sales growth of 5.96% selling 533 units in September 2022 as compared to 503 units sold in the previous year in the same month. This has resulted in an increase in market share by 0.07%.

Captain Tractors also witnessed retail sales growth of 125.32% in September 2022, selling a good 516 units as compared to 229 units in the previous year. Henceforth, showing an increase in market share by 0.55%

Talking about Force tractors, it achieved a mark of 344 units in September 2022 as compared to 346 units sold the last year in the same month. Henceforth, the company witnessed a decline by 0.58% in terms of market share.

Indo Farm Tractors recorded a decline in retail sales by 40.35%. The company lost its market share by 0.25%.

Furthermore, talking about the other tractor brands, a significant decline of 26.92% was observed as per the report. As per the results, these brands have also lost there market share by 1.15%. 

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