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Escorts Kubota Tractor Announces Price Increase Starting from 1 May 2024

Escorts Kubota Tractor Announces Price Increase Starting from 1 May 2024
Posted -23 April 2024 Share Post

Escorts Kubota Announces Tractor Price Hike Starting From 1 May 2024

Escorts Kubota Limited, a key player in agricultural machinery, will raise tractor prices from May 1, 2024. The type of model, version, and location will determine the extent of the price hike. The company made this decision due to a significant drop in tractor sales. Specifically, figures for March 2024 indicate that unit sales decreased from 10,305 to just 8,587, representing a 16% decrease compared to the same month the previous year. Not only have domestic sales declined, but exports have also decreased, dropping from 704 units in March 2023 to 533 units in the most recent statistics for the month.

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Escorts Kubota announced on April 3, 2024, the appointment of Kenji Ennyu as the Chief Officer in the Operation Division Senior Management, effective April 1, 2024. The company added that Ennyu has approximately 29 years of diverse experience in this sector. Ennyu started his career at Kubota Corporation, Japan, in 1995 and has accumulated a remarkable amount of expertise and experience in the field. His academic profile consists of a Bachelor’s degree in Machine and Engineering, the company added.

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