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Eicher Launched The Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD Mini Tractor For Modern Farming

Eicher Launched The Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD Mini Tractor For Modern Farming
Posted -13 September 2023 Share Post

Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD Mini Tractor Launched

Eicher, one of the leading tractor manufacturers in India, revealed its new tractor model named the Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD. It is a 4x4 mini tractor which claims to boost farming efficiency with high performance and versatility. This 26 HP tractor was launched in Nashik, Maharashtra while showcasing modern features. Moreover, the Eicher tractor promises to serve the needs of every farmer and fulfil the rising demands for high-quality crops.  

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Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD Highlighting The PLUS 

The brand states that the Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD defines the PLUS in its name with PLUS performance, PLUS profits and PLUS fuel efficiency. This Eicher tractor will take the farming experience to another level with its eye-catching features. As a result, it is best suited for orchard farming, sugarcane cultivation and every other farming operation such as inter-cultivation. 

Designed For Improved Orchard and Inter-Cultivation

The Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD mini tractor is engineered to carry out orchard farming and inter-cultivation without any hassle. This tractor has a unique design and features for performing such types of agricultural tasks. In order to earn higher profits from inter-cultivation and orchard farming, the Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD mini tractor will be your best bet. 

EICHER 280 PLUS: Key Features 

Power-packed engine with 26 HP: The tractor has a fuel-efficient engine, offering eye-catching power to handle farming operations seamlessly. 

9 forward + 3 reverse gearbox with side shift: For higher accuracy and smooth operation, this gearbox defines the ease of farming. 

Hydraulics with i-sense: This new Eicher 4WD mini tractor has advanced-featured hydraulics for lifting essential farming machines with efficiency.  

Eco PTO: Regarding fuel economy, it has an Eco PTO mode, contributing to reducing carbon footprint with less fuel consumption. 

2 models with different track widths: The Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD tractor has two variants with track 3 feet and 3.6 feet track widths for various farming fields.  

Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD: Suitable For Every Farmer

The Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD is a multifunctional tractor for every farming field. This model is compatible with spraying, harvesting, haulage and numerous farming activities. All these features make this Eicher mini tractor an ideal choice for every crop grower. 

Eicher 280 PLUS 4WD For Modern Farming Era 

Eicher has once again presented its dedication to making crop production easier for every farmer with the launch of the Eicher 280 PLUS tractor. It is a statement of the brand’s commitment to providing the best farming machines. 

The Eicher 280 PLUS is set to redefine farming by overcoming the challenges of modern agriculture. Farmers choosing this tractor will achieve significantly higher profits with improved productivity in the field. 

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