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Domestic Tractor Sales Report May 2023: A 1.19% Sales Increase With Sold 82920 Units

Domestic Tractor Sales Report May 2023: A 1.19% Sales Increase With Sold 82920 Units
Posted -08 June 2023 Share Post

Domestic Tractor Sales Report A 1.19% Sales Increase With Sold 82920 Units in May 2023

Domestic tractor sales in India observed a hike of 1.19% through the sales of 82,920 tractors in May 2023. The new fiscal year recorded a single-digit sales growth. Moreover, experts are predicting to witness a significant hike in the upcoming months. 

New Holland Tractor

Domestic Tractor Sales Report May 2023 - Brand Wise Report

According to the May 2023 Domestic tractor sales report, India’s leading tractor manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra sold 33,113 Mahindra tractors. The brand witnessed a 3.05% decline in comparison to the sales of May 2022. Moreover, Mahindra’s market share saw a 1.75% decline. 

TAFE domestic tractor sales report in May 2023 presents the sales of 16551 TAFE tractors, leading to a  3.92% increase in comparison to the last year’s May. Also, TAFE’s market share recorded a 0.52% increase.

Sonalika International sold 10577 Sonalika tractors in May 2023, as compared to May 2022, making an 11.42% growth. This led to a 1.17% increase in its market share.

Escorts sold 8,704 tractors in May 2023, making a 13.53% increase in comparison to the tractor sales of May 2022. Also, its market share grew by 1.14%. 

John Deere domestic sales report in May 2023 shows a 7.95% decline due to the sale of 6,591 John Deere tractors. The company’s market share also reduced by 0.79% against May 2022. 

New Holland sold 3,146 New Holland tractors in May 2023 as compared to the same period the previous year. This resulted in an eye-catching growth of 10.15%, and the brand’s market share witnessed a 0.31% increase. 

Kubota, which is a Japanese tractor manufacturer, sold only 1,705 units Kubota Tractor in May 2023. As a result, the brand saw a 12.43% decrease in sales. Also, the data shows a loss of 0.32% market share.

The domestic tractor sales of Indo Farm tractors in May 2023 present a 0.87% increase, with 582 tractors sold. Moreover, the company’s market remained unchanged. 

Preet domestic tractor sales in May 2023 mark a 3.40% hike with a total sale of 578 Preet tractors. The report also presents a slight increase of 0.01% in market share. 

VST domestic sales report May 2023 presents only 325 tractors sold, resulting in a 36.40% decline in sales. Along with this, the VST Tractor brand’s market share dipped by 0.23%. 

The domestic tractor sales of Force recorded a 13.31% decrease in sales, with 280 tractors sold in May 2023. Also, the market share of Force tractors witnessed a 0.06% decrease.

Captain tractor sold 477 tractors in May 2023, which shows a 3.02% increase in sales against May 2022. Also, the brand observed a 0.01% increase in the market share. 

ACE tractor domestic sale in May 2023 depicts a 5.88% sales hike as it sold 234 ACE tractors in May 2023 against May 2022. As a result, the market share grew by 0.01%.

SDF tractor domestic sales saw a 32.94% decrease as this brand sold only 57 tractors as compared to May 2022. Therefore, the market share decreased by 0.03%. 

The overall domestic tractor sales report of May 2023 depicts 82920 tractors sold. This led to a slight increase of 1.19% in May 2023. For more updates related to tractor sales, stay connected with Tractor Guru. 

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