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Domestic Tractor Sales Report for June 2023: 4.19% Growth in Sales and 98,438 Units Sold

Domestic Tractor Sales Report for June 2023: 4.19% Growth in Sales and 98,438 Units Sold
Posted -06 July 2023 Share Post

Domestic Tractor Sales Report for June 2023: increased by 4.19%

Domestic tractor sales in India increased by 4.19% in June 2023, with 98,438 tractors sold compared to 94,477 tractors in June 2022. The new fiscal year saw minimal revenue rise. But analysts anticipate that the upcoming season will see a significant increase. 

New Holland Tractor

The TAFE domestic tractor sales report for June 2023 shows the sale of 18,199 tractors, representing a 2.20% increase over 17,808 TAFE tractors in June 2022. Additionally, the market share of TAFE decreased by 0.36%.

Compared to June 2022, Sonalika International sold 12,056 tractors, a 6.53% Sonalika tractors increase. This resulted in a rise of 0.27% in its market share.

In June 2023, Escorts Tractor sold 9,270 tractors, an increase of 0.05% from June 2022's tractor sales. Additionally, its market share fell by 0.39%. 

Due to the sale of 7,674 tractors, John Deere's domestic sales report for June 2023 indicates a 4.50% decline. In comparison to June 2022, the John Deere Tractor company's market share decreased by 0.71%. 

In June 2023, New Holland Tractor achieved sales of 3,279 tractors, surpassing the figures for the same month in the previous year. This resulted in a profit of 6.63%, and the brand experienced a growth in market share of 0.08%.

Only 1,954 Kubota tractors were sold in June 2023. Sales for the brand dropped by 18.24%. The data also reveals a drop in market share of 0.54%.

In comparison to June 2022, Captain Tractor sold 580 tractors, a 37.44% increase in sales. Additionally, the brand's market share increased by 0.14%.

Preet domestic tractor sales increased by 0.55% in June 2023 to a total of 549 Preet tractors sold. Additionally, the data shows a slight decline in market share of 0.02%.

With 530 tractors sold, Indo Farm tractor sales domestically increased by 2.91% in June 2023. Additionally, the market for the business declined by 0.01%. 

Four hundred sixty tractors were sold in June 2023, according to the VST domestic sales report, representing an increase in sales of 0.44%. Along with this, the VST Tractor brand's market share fell by 0.02%. 

With 243 units sold in June 2023, Force Tractors' domestic tractor sales showed a 41.16% decline in sales. Furthermore, Force Tractors' market share dropped by 0.19%.

When compared to June 2022, ACE tractor sales in the domestic market fell by 38.21% to 207 units in June 2023. The market share consequently fell by 0.14%.

As compared to June 2022, SDF tractor domestic sales increased by 1.39%, with only 73 tractors sold. Moreover, SDF tractors' market share remained constant. 

According to the overall June 2023 domestic tractor sales report, 98,438 tractors were sold. Due to this, domestic tractor sales increased modestly by 4.19% in June 2023. 

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