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Domestic Tractor Sales Decreased by 6.35% During FY 2022; Sold 8,42,266 Units

Domestic Tractor Sales Decreased by 6.35% During FY 2022; Sold 8,42,266 Units
Posted -24 May 2022 Share Post

The Domestic tractor sales are a bit down in FY’22, but we hope the upcoming season could bring in some favourable results. But in the current financial year of 2022 ( April 21 - March 22), the total number of tractor sales stood at 842266 units, along with a 6.35% degrowth over 899411 units sold in the financial year of 2021. So, let's examine the complete sales figures of the tractor industry

New Holland Tractor

Domestic Tractor Industry Sales Figures - Brandwise 

Mahindra & Mahindra is the leading manufacturer in the tractor industry, noted a 1.97% degrowth in yearly total sales of tractors. During FY '22 the Mahindra sold 337052 units which are 6781 units less as compared to FY' 21. Along with this, Mahindra added 1.79% to its market shares at the end of FY’22.

TAFE Group noted the 8.63% degrowth in its yearly tractor sales with a fall of 0.45% in its market share. The company sold the 151481 units in FY'22, which is less than 165795 units in FY'21

The Sonalika Tractor sales were reduced by 13.99% in FY'22. It sold 117503 units in FY '21 and 101060 units in FY’ 22. As a result, the company lost 1.07% of its total market share. 

The Escorts Group saw a degrowth of 14.41% in yearly tractor sales. The company sold 87168 units in FY’ 22 which is less than 14681 units in FY’ 21. Also, its market share has fallen by 0.97%.

John Deere Tractors enclosed a 9.42% market share in FY’22 which has fallen by 0.10% as compared to FY’ 21. The company sold 79038 units in FY’22 which is reduced by 7.35% against FY’21. 
New Holland Tractor lost 10.54% yearly sales by selling 32053 units in FY'22 compared to 35828 units sold in FY'21. As a result, New Holland's market share also shrunk by 0.18%.

The Kubota Tractor sold 21104 units in FY’22, which grew by 25.55% against FY’21. Also, the company increases its market share by 0.64% followed by Mahindra tractor market share during FY’22.

Preet Tractor registered a decent growth of 18.92% by selling 7152 units during FY’22. It also holds its market share of 0.85%, which is 0.18% higher than FY’21.  

Indo Farm Tractor registered a 50.29% sales growth by selling 6930 units in FY’22, which is much higher than 4611 units sold in FY’21. After registering a sales growth, the company also added its market share by 0.31%.   

VST Shakti Tractor sales are fallen by 18.73% by selling 6633 units in FY’22 which is 1529 units lesser than FY’21. As a result, the company's market share decreased by 0.31%. 

Force Tractor has also shown a positive sales growth of 12.87% which is 515 units higher than FY’21. The company also added 0.09% of its market share. 

Captain Tractor sales have fallen down by 16.42% by selling 3716 units in FY’22 lesser than 4446 units sold in FY’21. Accordingly, the company has also lost its market share by 0.05%.

Ace Tractor sold 2426 units in FY'22, which is sunk by 114 units from FY'21. So, its sales decreased by 4.49%, but the company has been able to increase its market share by 0.01% in FY'22.

SDF Tractor has registered a sales rate of 31.06% by selling 1667 units during FY’22. While in FY’21, it sold 2418 units. The company also lost its market share by 0.07%.

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