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CEAT is a tyre manufacturing company based out in India. The company has its history attached to Italy. The company is known for manufacturing tractor tyres worldwide. CEAT tyres was founded in the year 1958 in Mumbai. CEAT has more than 30 types of tractor tyres worldwide. In India, 16 tyres models are offered by CEAT tyres. CEAT tractor tyres price start from range of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 30000.

Moreover, the CEAT tractor tyre is one of the best tyre brand, which is ideal for farming on heavy terrains. Its wear-resistant compound extends the life of the tractor tyre and provides the best in terms of durability on harsh roads. It can also steer well on highways with a better grip and makes the handling smooth. The tractor tyre CEAT brand offers admirable tractor tyres with globally competitive technologies and got accolades amongst the customers. So, let's look at the features of CEAT tractor tyres.

CEAT Tyres Special Features

CEAT tractor tyres have prominent features which make these tyres the highest-selling and most demandable brand in the market. In the below section, we are going to mention the sterling features of the CEAT tractor tyre in India. 

  • Maximum Comfort

  • Different tread pattern for different uses

  • High-quality rubber 

  • Seamless tyres

  • Warranty on tyres

Above are some of the notable features of the CEAT tyres. CEAT tractor tyres are widely used by farmers. 

CEAT Tractor Tyre Models

In India there are more than 16 tyre models available for tractors. These tyres are designed to provide maximum efficiency for the tractors. CEAT tyres are available in the Aayushmaan series of tyres for tractors. CEAT tractor tyres are available in various different sizes. CEAT tractor tyres are available in the size range of 16 inches to 28 inches. You can find and buy CEAT tractor front tyres and CEAT tractor rear tyre online from TractorGuru. Here, You can find a brief description about CEAT front and rear tractor tyres. 

CEAT Tractor Front Tyre 

CEAT manufactures both types of tractor tyres, and CEAT front tractor tyre is one of them. As you know, the front tractor tyres are an important factor, and it is known as steering tyres. For improving tyre life and service, better tyre alignment and smooth steering ensure less damage to tyres in tough conditions. 

The most popular CEAT tractor front tyre is CEAT SAMRAAT TURBO LUG 9 X 16(S) tractor tyre. Also, tractor tyre CEAT has the best capacity to increase traction. However, according to the marginal farmers, the CEAT tractor front tyre price range is pocket-friendly and affordable.

CEAT Tractor Rear Tyre

The above discussion reveals that the CEAT tractor tyre brand is manufactured for both types of tractor tyres, and the rear tyre is one of them. The engine drives the large rear tyres, and the rear tyres are the drive-wheels, and they are connected with the drive shaft. Also, the rear tractor tyre comes in a bigger size compared to the front tractor tyre because the bigger rear tyres contain a much larger surface area.    

The most popular CEAT tractor rear tyre in India is CEAT SAMRAAT SUPER R1 9.5 X 24(S) tractor tyre, and you can find various popular CEAT tractor tyre size models here. However, the rear CEAT tractor tyre price 2024 is convenient and easily fits the farmer's budget. 

There are available every CEAT tractor tyre model, whether front or tractor rear tyre. In addition, we deliver CEAT tyres for tractor that come at a cost-effective and budget-friendly tractor tyre price and offer the overall highest productivity. Apart from this, you can easily check the CEAT tractor tyre price list online at Tractor Guru. 

CEAT Tractor Tyre Price

CEAT tractor tyre price range of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 30000. These tractors may vary according to the tread pattern, Rim Size, and many other factors. CEAT tractor tyre is one of the most popular tractor tyre brand in India. You can find the best tractor tyre deals at TractorGuru. Before buying tractor Tyres you can compare tractor tyres and also watch tractor videos.

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About CEAT Tractor Tyres

CEAT Limited is a multinational company based out in Mumbai, India. CEAT was formerly known as Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino (Electrical Cables and Allied Products of Turin). CEAT was an Italian company based out in Turin, Italy. The company was founded in the year 1924 in Italy to manufacture electrical products and cables. Later in the year 1958, the CEAT tyres limited was incorporated in Mumbai, India. The company was founded to manufacture tyres and rubber products.

The first tyre manufacturing and research plant were set up in Bhandup, Mumbai. The brand was known for its excellent products worldwide. Later on, as the business commenced the brand was taken over by the RPG group in 1982. This marked a new beginning for the brand. CEAT tyres limited is known for manufacturing tyres for various types of vehicles. CEAT manufactures tyres for Cars, Motorcycles, 3-Wheelers, tractors, LCV, trucks, and buses.

CEAT tyres have 6 manufacturing plants in India. These plants in total have a capacity to manufacture 1,40,000 tyres. CEAT manufacturing plants are located in Halol, Gujarat; Nashik, Maharashtra; Nagpur, Maharashtra; Bhandup, Maharashtra, Ambernath, Maharashtra; and Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Tractor Tyres are manufactured in the Nashik and Bhandup plant. The company also has 17 outsourcing units for tyres, tubes, and flaps.

CEAT tyres are known for their world-class products CEAT Tyres market presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. Anant Vardhan Goenka is the Managing Director and CEO of CEAT tyres. In India, CEAT has a network of more than 3,400 dealers and 30,000 sub-dealers. Additionally, there are more than 300 exclusive CEAT brand shops across India.

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Faqs About CEAT Tractor Tyres

Ans. At TractorGuru, 25 models of CEAT Tractor tyres are available.

Ans. CEAT Tractor tyres are available at an affordable price range.

Ans. CEAT AAYUSHMAAN R1 16.9 X 28 is the best CEAT Tractor tyre model in India.

Ans. CEAT Tractor tyres are available in 14.9 X 28, 16.9 X 28, 6 X 16, 7.5 X 16 tyre sizes.

Ans. Due to its durable quality, CEAT is the highest-selling tractor tyre brand in India.

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