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Birla Tractor Tyres

Birla tyres brand is the best tyre brand for tractor and farm machinery. For over 30 years, Birla has successfully focused on agriculture, construction and industrial as well as specialised sectors such as earthmoving, port and mining, ATV and horticultural applications. Birla Tractor tyres are most popular among Indian farmers. Here you can also find an updated Birla tractor tyre price list with every notable feature. Birla tractor tyre is a popular tractor tire brand that provides global competitive technologies and meets the customer needs for tractor tyres. So, let us get to know about the features of Birla tractor tyres.

Birla tractor tyres are available in various sizes and tread patterns. In India, there are more than 11 Birla tractor tyre models are available. These tractor tyres are constructed in Radial and Bias types. Birla tractor tyres are available for 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive tractors. These tractor tyres are available in various models like Shaan, Chakra and Farm Haul Platina. Here, you can find the Birla tractor front and rear tyres at best price in India.In the below section, we are describing Birla tractor tyre types briefly. 

Birla Front Tractor Tyre 

As is known, Birla tyres are completely manufactured in India. Apart from other tyres, it also offers you Birla front tractor tyre models to meet your growing needs. Because Birla tyres are not only manufactured based on the number and size of the plant over the years, it also makes for varied and intensive processes and operations. The best Birla front tractor tyres are Birla Shaan 7.50 X 16(s), Birla Shaan 6.50 X 20(s), Birla Farm Haul Platina – Front 6.00 X 16(s). However, according to the farmer's budget, the Birla tractor front tyre price in India 2024 is affordable and pocket-friendly.

Birla Rear Tractor Tyre 

The rear tyre is the tyre that is mounted on the rear of the tractor. As per the various tasks carried out for many agricultural activities, the Birla rear tractor tyre is designed in such a way that it can tread smoothly on any kind of ground. However, tractor tyre brands manufacture rear tractor tyres, which are usually larger in size; Hence, Birla rear tyre sizes come in different and largest sizes as per the farmer's requirement of the tractor. So, here you can easily get the related information about all the Birla rear size tyres. However, the popular rear Birla tractor tyre size models are Birla Shaan+ 14.9 X 28(s) and Birla Farm Haul Platina – Rear 13.6 X 28(s). The rear Birla tractor tyre price is economical and easily afforded by farmers.

Birla Tractor Tyres Unique features

The basic meaning is that the products are evaluated based on their characteristics and intrinsic qualities, thus making the purchase decision. Birla tractor tyres are fitted with hi-tech features with many years of experience and are made compatible with the farm tractor. In the below section, we are going to mention the unique features of the Birla tractor tyre in India. 

  • Made in India brand

  • 25+ years of experience

  • Unique tread patterns

  • Designed for maximum efficiency and comfort

Birla Tractor Tyre Models

Birla tractor tyre models are suitable for cutting-edge tractors for many heavy-duty applications like soil tillage, road transport, vineyard harvesting and road transport. However, the Indian farms are not that advanced to facilitate easy and smooth movement. Therefore, the Birla tractor tyre brand in India 2024 are hard-wearing tyres having a super quality that is used for a rigid place and durable in any condition. As a result, Birla tyres in India have set high and modest standards among the competitors; these tires have shown valuable results and productivity in the agricultural sectors with their vigorous strength. 

Birla tractor tyre brand is already established and recognized in the Indian market for its quality and reasonable price, which keep the tractor tyres admirable among the farmers. Moreover, the latest tyre technology is used to manufacture and produce brand new premium ranges of tractor tyres, which provides greater efficiency and greater power to the tractor to execute the tasks in the desired manner.

Birla Tractor Tyre Price

Birla tractor tyres have found the best growth so far; therefore, the tyre brand is well-recognised and brilliant to ride even in highly challenging fields. Be that as it may, the quality and utility of Birla tractor tyres make them usable and paying for a tractor tyre is not a loss deal. Moreover, this tractor tyre brand sets cost-effective prices, making it in high demand. Birla tractor tyres are available in a price range of Rs. 4000 to Rs. 40000 range. Birla tractor tyre price depends upon the model and size of the tyre. 

At TractorGuru you can find the best deals on Birla tractor tyre at affordable prices and also get the best offers on Birla tractor front and rear tyres.

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Rear 18.4 X 30

Farm Haul Platina

Rear 13.6 X 28

Farm Haul Platina

Rear 12.4 X 28


Front 9 X 16

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About Birla Tractor Tyres

Birla tyres are one of the latest tyre companies in India. Birla tyres were launched in the year 1991 in India. Birla Tyres is a part of B.K Birla Group of companies. Birla tractor tyres are known popularly among farmers for their 25 years of excellence in tractor tyres. Additionally, the company had collaborated with Pirelli tyres.

This expertise and experience of years have helped Birla tyres to manufacture quality products. Birla tyres are also used as Original equipment in many automobile brands. Some popular brands that use Birla tyres are Bajaj, Hero Honda, Royal Enfield, Ashok Leyland, and many more. Birla tyres manufacturer tyres for cars, bikes, trucks, buses, and tractors.

Latest tyre technology is being used in manufacturing these tractor tyres, and they help get the tyres accepted as number one and world-class in the Indian market. Birla tyres in India are the most advanced equipment globally and have a modern and intricate design, which makes the tractors more attractive. Related tyre brands make better and safer tyres. The brand stands for producing a new range of premium and commercially advanced tractor tyres. The exclusive range of tractor tyres further enhances its usage and utility.

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Faqs About Birla Tractor Tyres

Ans. At TractorGuru, 12 models of Birla Tractor tyres are available.

Ans. Birla Tractor tyres are available at an affordable price range.

Ans. Birla Farm Haul Platina 13.6 X 28 is the best Birla Tractor tyre model in India.

Ans. Birla Tractor tyres are available in 18.4 X 30, 13.6 X 28, 12.4 X 28, 9 X 16 tyre sizes.

Ans. Due to its durable quality, Birla is the highest-selling tractor tyre brand in India.

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