BKT Tractor Tyres

BKT tractor tyres is the most popular tractor tyre brand in agriculture sector. BKT is one of the well-known off-road tyre brands in the world. BKT tyres was incorporated 30 years back in 1987. The company works on the mission to promote Make in India brands. BKT tyres are well known for vehicles in farming, earthmoving, and gardening. Balkrishna tyres is also the official equipment manufacturer of major brands like John Deere, JCB, and CNH Industrial. There are more than 25 tractor tyre models in the Line-up from BKT tyres in India. BKT tractor tyre price ranges from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 35000. Popular tractor tyre models are Agrimax and Commander.

BKT Tractor Tyres Unique Features

BKT tractor tyres have many exceptional features that make this a top-selling and demanding brand. Here below, you can find the best features of the BKT tractor tyre in India, which gives a reason to make it popular.

  • Made in India brand

  • State of the art manufacturing plants

  • Best in class tyres

  • For maximum efficiency, narrow tyre profile 

  • Affordable rates

BKT tyres for tractor are one of the best tractor tyres. The tyres of BKT brand are reliable and help increase the tractor's efficiency. In addition to this, BKT tractor tyre models are available at a reasonable price which becomes the best companion for the tractors.

BKT Tractor Tyres

BKT tractor tyre models are suitable for cutting-edge tractors for many heavy-duty applications like soil tillage, road transport, spraying, vineyard harvesting and road transport. An extensive contact patch ensures the best possibility of traction and provides comfort on all surfaces at any given time. This tractor tyre BKT brand reduces soil compaction and provides great self-cleaning properties. 

BKT Tyres have a wide range of tractor tyres in India. There are more than 25 BKT tractor tyre models in the Line-up. These tyres are suitable for Mini tractors, Full-sized tractors, and heavy-duty tractors. BKT offers tractors in various models such as Commander and Agrimax. These tyres are constructed in flap and bias technology. BKT provides the best front and rear tractor tyres in India. In the below section, we are describing BKT tractor tyre types briefly. 

BKT Front Tractor Tyre 

As is known, BKT tyres are entirely manufactured in India. Apart from other tyres, it also provides BKT front tractor tyre models to satisfy your growing needs. Because BKT tyres are not only produced by the number and size of the plant over the years, but it also makes for diversified and intensified processes and operations. The best BKT front tractor tyres are BKT COMMANDER TWIN RIB 6.00 X 16(s) and BKT COMMANDER 7.50 X 16(s). However, according to the farmer's budget, the BKT tractor front tyre price range is affordable and pocket-friendly.

BKT Rear Tractor Tyre

Rear tyre is the tyre that is placed on the backside of the tractors. As per the different tasks carried out for different agricultural activities, the BKT rear tyre is designed in such a way that it can move smoothly on any kind of ground. However, tractor tyre brands manufacture the rear tractor tyre that is usually bigger in size; therefore, BKT rear size tyres come in different and biggest sizes as per the farmer's requirement of the tractor. So, here you can easily find the relevant information regarding all the BKT rear size tyres. However, the popular rear BKT tractor tyre size is BKT AGRIMAX ELOS 13.6 X 38(S) Tyre. The rear BKT tractor tyre price 2024 is economical and easily fits the farmer's budget. 

BKT Tractor Tyre Price

BKT tractor tyre price ranges from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 35000. The BKT tractor price list may vary based upon the type and size of the tyre. At TractorGuru you can find the best deals for BKT tractors and can also Buy tractor front and rear tyre online. You can also get an updated BKT tractor tyre price list with every notable feature.

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About BKT Tractor Tyres

BKT Tyres is the Flagship company of BK Industries Limited. BKT full form is Balkrishna tyres. BKT is a multinational company based out in Mumbai, India. BKT tyres was incorporated in the year 1987. BKT Tyres are well known globally for their heavy-duty and off-road focused tyres. BKT tyres are one of the few brands to use synthetic rubbers for the production of Tyres. This helps to sustainably produce tyres. Get to know more details about BKT tractor tires here!

BKT tractor tyre is a powerpack tractor tyre brand that provides innovative technologies and fulfilment of customer needs for tractor tyres. They constantly enhance their quality and gain the trust of the farmers. No matter what your farming application is, the BKT tractor tire range delivers high performance and always supplies the right guards in your area. BKT Tyres have a strong market presence worldwide, especially in the U.S.A. BKT Tyres are available in more than 100 countries in the world. BKT has several manufacturing plants in India. These plants are located in the cities of Aurangabad, Bhiwadi, Chopanki, Dombivali, and Bhuj. These plants also manufacture tyres for exports. With this vast production line, BKT tractors have an extensive product range of 2700 types of tractors.

Mr. Arvind Poddar is the current Chairman and Managing Director of BKT tyres. The mission of the company is focused on two words i.e. ‘Growing Together’. BKT is working on the mission to enter new markets with Make in India products. 

BKT tyres are available for off-road focused and heavy-duty vehicles. BKT tyres are available for Agricultural and Industrial vehicles like tractors, trucks, and buses. BKT is loved by farmers because they have an affordable tyre line-up that is engineered to provide maximum efficiency. The R&D centre of BKT tyres is located at Bhuj, Gujarat.

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Faqs About BKT Tractor Tyres

Ans. At TractorGuru, 16 models of BKT Tractor tyres are available.

Ans. BKT Tractor tyres are available at an affordable price range.

Ans. BKT COMMANDER 16.9 X 28 is the best BKT Tractor tyre model in India.

Ans. BKT Tractor tyres are available in 18.4 X 30, 16.9 X 28, 14.9 X 28, 13.6 X 28 tyre sizes.

Ans. Due to its durable quality, BKT is the highest-selling tractor tyre brand in India.

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