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MRF Tractor Tyres

Currently, there are more than 63 tyre models available from MRF tyres for tractors. MRF tyre price list 2024 ranges from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 35,000. Here, you can get the best deals on the MRF tractor front and rear.

MRF is one of the top most tyre manufacturing brands in India. MRF has been ranked as the 6th Largest company all over the world. With a legacy of more than 75 years, the brand has evolved from being a balloon manufacturing company to a tyred giant. MRF tyres were founded in 1946 by K. M. Mammen Mappillai. 

What did MRF tyres offer to its customers?

  • Smooth on-road and Off-road performance

  • Best in class comfort

  • Affordable MRF Tyre Price 

  • Tread patterns to suit all weather conditions

  • Available for different tractor models

MRF tractor tyres are well known for their durability and low cost. MRF being a domestic brand, there are a lot of affordable options for tractor owners. MRF tyres for tractors are one of the best tyre brands. The MRF tractor tyres are available in the Shakti range that are mainly known for their durability and productivity. 

Popular MRF Tractor Tyres in India

In India, more than 63 tyre models are available from MRF tyres for tractors. These tractors are available in the Shakti, Krishi, 3 RIB, 707 and PAHALWAN N6 range of tyres. Front and Rear tyres are both available in the MRF tractor Tyre range. MRF tractor tyres are available in 16 inches to 28 inches. 

MRF manufactures one of the best tractor tyres that are suitable for heavy terrains and rugged fields. The MRF tractor tyres also come in MRF mini tractor and heavy-duty tractor tyres category. MRF is the most reliable brand globally because it lives up to the customer's expectations and provides them with expected results. It manufactures ample MRF tractor tyres such as MRF 3 RIB 6 X 16(S), MRF PAHALWAN N6 5 X 19(S), MRF SHAKTI HR LUG N6 TT 11 X 32(S), MRF KRISHI N8 13.6 X 28(S) and many more. Along with this, the MRF tractor tyre brand manufactures the model according to the tractor requirement divided into two categories MRF front and rear tyres.  

MRF Tractor Front Tyre

MRF Tractor Front Tyres are manufactured according to the suitability of the tractor and controlled by the steering. It is also commonly known as steering tyres. MRF makes the front tyres with wear and tear quality for powerful performance. The best MRF front tractor tyres are MRF SHAKTI LIFE N8 5.25 X 14(S), MRF 707 9 X 16(S), MRF SHAKTI LIFE N8 11.2 X 24(S), and so many more front tractor tyres are available. 

MRF Tractor Rear Tyre

This brand manufactures rear tractor tyre that are usually manufactured in a bigger size. Rear tractor tyres are mainly used to balance the weight of the tractor. MRF manufactures them with outstanding stuff which provides durable quality and potential to handle the weight of the tractor. The most popular MRF rear tractor tyres are mainly available in Shakti range that includes MRF SHAKTI LIFE N4 8 X 16(S), MRF SHAKTI LIFE N6 9.5 X 20(S), MRF SHAKTI SUPER 13.6 X 38(S) and many more. 

At TractorGuru, you can get every MRF tractor tyre size, including the front and rear. In addition, we provide affordable MRF tractor rear tyre price and front tyre price. 

MRF Tractor Tyres Price List in India

MRF tractor tyres available in the price range of Rs. 6000 to Rs. 35000. The MRF tractor tyre price depends upon the size and the tread pattern. MRF tractor tyres deliver a better quality when compared to other competitor brands. It manufactures every MRF tractor tyre at an affordable cost that a customer can easily attain. 

Availability of MRF Tyres Brand 

MRF dealers are available in more than 5000 locations. MRF tyres have 130 zonal offices. MRF tractor tyres are manufactured in state-of-the-art tyre manufacturing plants.

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All MRF Tractor Tyres


Rear 16.9 X 28


Front 5.5 X 16


Front 5 X 12


Front 7.5 X 16

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About MRF Tractor Tyres

Madras Rubber factory now popularly known as MRF is a multinational company that has its roots in India. MRF is a company involved in the manufacturing of products related to rubber. Founded in the year 1946 by K. M. Mammen Mappillai in a small town named Tiruvottiyur in Tamil Nadu. K. M. Mammen Mappillai started a ballon factory in his small shack in Tiruvottiyur. He used to manufacture balloons and sell them for profit. With a growing demand for rubber products in India, he started manufacturing tread rubber. This business eventually branched out lead to the Incorporation of MRF Tyres.

With a history of more than 75 years in India. MRF is known for not just manufacturing Tyres, treads, tubes but also for toys, conveyor belts, and paints. The product line of Mahindra tractors is widespread in various industries. Over the years with constant R&D the company is the 6th largest tyre producing company globally.

Currently, Rahul Mammen Mappillai is the Managing Director of MRF tyres. MRF tyres are present in more than 65 countries. The manufacturing plants are located in 10 locations. These plants have the capacity to manufacture 40 million tyres annually.

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Faqs About MRF Tractor Tyres

Ans. At TractorGuru, 63 models of MRF Tractor tyres are available.

Ans. MRF Tractor tyres are available at an affordable price range.

Ans. MRF SHAKTI SUPER 5.5 X 16 is the best MRF Tractor tyre model in India.

Ans. MRF Tractor tyres are available in 16.9 X 28, 5.5 X 16, 5 X 12, 7.5 X 16 tyre sizes.

Ans. Due to its durable quality, MRF is the highest-selling tractor tyre brand in India.

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