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TractorGuru has a separate section of popular tractor tires where you can find every tractor tyre models which is most popular in the market. Also, you can check the most popular tractor tyre in India according to your requirement. In addition, you can check the popular tractor tyre price with features. Tyres play a significant role in moving a tractor and make them capable of performing in rugged fields. Here we provide you with the most popular tractor tire brands: MRF tyres, BKT tyres, Birla tyres, Birla tyres, Goodyear tyres, JK tyres, and CEAT tyres.

Every farmer always needs perfect and popular tractor tires after the tractor tyre gets worn out. So, they mainly heading up to check the popular tractor tyres in India. So, here you can get the all popular tractor tyres brands with all sizes of tyres. So, you can choose your tractor tyre according to your preferences. Buying a tractor tyre from TractorGuru can be fruitful for you. Because here we provide the best price tractor tyres with ample benefits such as discounts, offers and also gives the warranty. This popular tractor tires section considers both tractor categories, including front and rear, with detailed information. 

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Tyre size

All Popular Tractor Tyres


Front 16.9 X 28


Rear 14.9 X 28


Rear 13.6 X 28


Rear 12.4 X 28

Vajra Super

Front 5.50 X 16

Vajra Super

Front 7.50 X 16

Vajra Super

Front 6.50 X 16

Vajra Super

Front 6.00 X 16

Popular Tractor Tyres In India

Popular tractor tyres are widely used among consumers in India. As these tractors provide value for their price. There is a demand for more than a million tyres in India annually. These tyres are loved by both consumers and tractor brands. Popular tractor tyres in India are available at affordable prices, best quality and warranty.

Some popular tractor tyres are from popular tractor tyre brands like CEAT tyres, JK tyres, MRF tyres, Birla tyres, BKT tyres and Apollo tyres. The popular tractor tyre models are Sampurna tyres, Vajra super tyres, Commander tyres, Shakti Super tyres, Sona tyres, Agrimax tyres, Ayushmaan tyres, Krishak premium tyres, Agrigold tyres, Prithvi tyres, Farm Haul-Platina tyres, and Farmking tyres. 

Popular Tractor Tyre

A tractor is used for various purposes. A tractor is known as the farmers best friend in today’s technologically advanced world. As tractors are important to farmers similarly tyres are also important for tractors. Because it is one of the major components which helps the tractor to move. Without tyres, tractors cannot move. Hence tractor tyres are a very integral part of the tractor. At TractorGuru you can find popular tractor tyres. 

In the case of such integral components of a tractor, it is advisable to have a good quality tyre. Here you can find some popular tractor tyres which are brought by multiple owners across India. In today’s technological world major tractor brands use various types of tyre sizes for tractors. Some major tractor brands in India are Mahindra tractors, New Holland tractors, Swaraj tractors, Powertrac tractors, Massey Ferguson tractors, Farmtrac tractors, Escort tractors, Preet tractors, John Deere tractors, VST tractors and many more.

Popular tractors brands in India like Apollo tyres, Birla tyres, BKT tyres, JK tyres, MRF tyres, and CEAT tyres are known for best quality tyres amongst farmers. These brands are also the OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) of these brands.

Popular tractor tyres are ranked on multiple factors like the speed limit of tyres, size of tyres, the brand to which they belong to and many other factors. These tractor tyres are sold in large numbers worldwide. You can find the list of most popular tractor tyres and buy tractor tyres easily.

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Faqs About Popular Tractor Tyres

Ans. There are 7 popular tractor tyre brands are available at TractorGuru.

Ans. Sampurna tyres, Vajra super tyres, Commander tyres and many more popular tractor tyre models are available in India.

Ans. At TractorGuru, you can buy the popular tractor tyre models in India.

Ans. Yes, it consists of front, rear, small and heavy-duty tractor tyre categories.

Ans. All popular tractor tyres come in the affordable and best price range.

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