JK Tyres

JK Tyres

JK tyres are one of the best tyre brands for tractors and farm machinery. JK tyres are known popularly among Indian farmers. JK tyres are one of the top 25 tyre companies and manufacture 35 million tractors annually. JK tyres for Tractors are available in more than 19 models. JK tyres for tractors are available in a price range of Rs. 4000 to Rs. 20000.

Features of JK tyres for Tractors

  • Strong nylon tyres with a circumferential groove and design for better grip

  • Computerized design 

  • More thread dept

  • Strong tyre casing 

  • Narrow tyre profile for maximum efficiency 

  • Unique tread designs

Jk tractor tyres are one of the most used tractor tyres. JK tyres are durable and help is increasing the efficiency of the tractors. Additionally, tractor tyres are available at affordable rates.

Tractor Tyres

JK tyres for Tractors are available in more than 19 models. These tyres are designed for the best efficiency in on-road and off-road duties. With a narrow tyre profile and unique tread patterns, these tyres can be used for multiple purposes. JK tyres for tractors are available in various models such as Sona-1 tyres, Sona-H/F tyres, Prithvi tyres, Shrestha tyres, and Agrigold tyres. JK tractor tyres are available in various sizes ranging from 5.00-19 to 18.4-30 for front tyres and 320/85R28 to 420/85R28 for rear tyres.

These tractor tyres have various benefits as they provide better traction, provides better fitment, high load carrying capacity, and better retreadability. JK tyres in one of the loved tractor brands by farmers in India.

Tractor Tyre Price

JK tyres for tractors are available in a price range of Rs. 4000 to Rs. 20000. The lowest being for front tyres and highest for rear tyres. The tractor tyre price depends upon the size and the tread pattern for tyres.

JK Tyres Dealers

JK tyres have a very wide dealership network. There are more than 4000 dealers and 500+ dedicated brand shops. JK tyres are available in more than 105 countries. JK tyres have their manufacturing plants in Mysore, Karnataka; Aykaygram, Rajasthan; and Banmore, Madhya Pradesh.

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About JK Tyres

JK tyres is one of the companies owned by the JK organization. JK organization was founded in the year 1888 by the Sighalia family. The companies brand name ‘JK’ is derived from the initials of Juggilal and his son Kamlapat. JK organization is a conglomerate that owns multiple companies in industries like tyre, cement, FMCG, paper, software, and dairy products.

JK tyres are also known as Juggilal & Kamlapat Tyres was founded in India in the year 1951 and manufacturing tyres in the year 1977. The company and its operation were headed by Shri Hari Shankar Singhania till the year 2013. JK tyres are one of the most popular tyre brands in India as well as internationally. The manufacturing plants are also located across the globe to meet the global demand. There are 9 manufacturing plants in India and 3 manufacturing plants in Mexico. The brand has a global presence in more than 105 countries.

JK tyres are available for a wide range of vehicles. The company manufactures tyres, tubes, and flaps. JK Tyres is the popular tyre brand for tractors. JK tyres are available for passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, tractors, and also three-wheelers. The company has a line-up of more than 60 types of tyres for different vehicles. JK tyres are also one of the first companies to manufacture smart tyres in India.

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