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TAFE Revealed Electric Tractor At Agritechnica And Showcased H2ICE

TAFE Revealed Electric Tractor At Agritechnica And Showcased H2ICE
Posted -24 November 2023 Share Post

TAFE Presented E-Tractor At Agritechnica In Hanover 

New Delhi: In an effort to grow its market share in Europe, Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE) showcased a concept hydrogen tractor at Agritechnica 2023 in Hanover, Germany, along with their electric tractor.

New Holland Tractor

TAFE displayed its next-generation smart agricultural solutions, intelligent utility tractors with HVAC cabins, and electric small tractors. Moreover, the technical teams at TAFE Tractors are developing a variety of fuel technologies for its tractors of the future. The same technology is used in Dimethyl ether (DME) currently. 

According to the firm, TAFE is dedicated to meeting the requirements of modern farmers with its advanced-featured and small tractors and intelligent agricultural solutions. Furthermore, the hydrogen technology was engineered in India, whereas the e-tractor technology was mostly developed at TAFE's engineering base in the UK.

The electric tractor has a 20 kW power output, a low noise powertrain, a highly efficient gearbox and a powerful electric motor with an efficiency of more than 90%. It has a fast charging feature, fully compatible with the European Combined Charging System - CCS2, the USD 1.6-billion tractor major said. Apart from this, the e-tractor has low maintenance. Also, it has several applications, which include municipalities, logistics and material handling businesses aside from agriculture.

The brand has also introduced the TAFE 7515 Utility Range, which is compliant with Euro Stage 5 and includes a 3-cylinder, 74-hp engine fitted with a 12-speed Synchromesh Mechanical Shuttle gearbox. According to TAFE, it can be used with a wide range of tools, including trailers, rotary tillers, sprayers, and spreaders.

Under the name TAFE Terra, the brand has also introduced a smart agricultural solution. This includes a telematics gateway, an advanced farm management information system, a GPS-based autonomous steering system, and a smart TFT display cluster, which suits new-age agriculture such as precision farming.

TAFE has also introduced the TAFE Compact Range, which includes the Euro Stage 5 Compliant TAFE 6028 M (24 hp), TAFE 6028 H (24 HP), and TAFE 6020 M (18 HP). These versatile tractors have customisable speeds and are perfect for uses like front loaders and snowploughs and can be used for both agricultural and industrial chores.

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