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Sonalika Unveils 'Tiger' Tractors: Advanced Models in 40-75 HP Range

Sonalika Unveils 'Tiger' Tractors: Advanced Models in 40-75 HP Range
Posted -09 February 2024 Share Post

Sonalika Tractors, a prominent player in the tractor manufacturing industry, has introduced a lineup of 10 advanced heavy-duty 'Tiger' tractors ranging from 40 – 75 HP. Covering the 40 – 75 HP segment, this release marks a substantial step towards boosting agricultural efficiency. This move is a testament to the company's dedication to delivering potent yet fuel-efficient engines to Indian farmers. 

New Holland Tractor

The newly launched tractors, conceptualised in Europe, feature five cutting-edge engine options, including the pioneering CRDS and HDM+ engines. Paired with a diverse range of multi-speed transmissions and state-of-the-art 5G hydraulics, these tractors signify a major leap in productivity and efficiency on the field.

Boasting over 140 auto settings, these tractors offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and performance, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency across various farming operations. The range introduces six tractors equipped with heavy-duty mileage (HDM+) engines, strategically optimised to deliver increased power, torque, and fuel efficiency.

Sonalika Tractor goes a step further by introducing four tractors equipped with the industry's largest 4-cylinder 4,712 cc engine featuring CRDS technology. This innovation offers multiple modes to maximise productivity while adhering to environmentally friendly practices.

Dr Amrit Sagar Mittal, Vice Chairman of International Tractors Limited, emphasised the significance of the new range by stating, “Our new range promises Indian farmers a ‘zero compromise tractor range,’ addressing their diverse needs without compromising on essential features.”

Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director of International Tractors Limited, underscored the company's commitment to integrating international technology while tailoring solutions to meet the specific requirements of Indian farmers. He added, "We have fully customised the new series with powerful yet fuel-efficient engines, optimised multi-speed transmissions, and intelligent 5G hydraulics to redefine power, performance, and mileage."

This groundbreaking tractor series is poised to address the varied needs of farmers across the country, marking a new era in agricultural technology and efficiency.

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