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March 2024 Domestic Tractor Sales Report: Decrease of 22.67%, 63,755 Units Sold

March 2024 Domestic Tractor Sales Report: Decrease of 22.67%, 63,755 Units Sold
Posted -03 April 2024 Share Post

Domestic Tractor sales 2024 report decreased by 22.67% in March 2024. The number of tractors sold by the brands was 63,755 in March 2024, compared to 82,450 in March 2023. Nevertheless, experts in the industry anticipate a notable increase in the upcoming season.

New Holland Tractor

Domestic Tractor Sales Report March 2024 - Brand Wise

In March 2024, Mahindra Tractor, the leading tractor maker in India, sold 24,276 tractors to reach a sales milestone. This represented a decrease of 27.80% from March 2023, when 33,622 tractors were sold. Furthermore, Mahindra suffered a decline of 2.70% in its market share in this timeframe.

TAFE sold 10,878 domestic tractors in March 2024, a 20.45% drop from the 13,674 tractors sold in March 2023. Moreover, TAFE Tractors holds a market share of 0.48%.

Sonalika International experienced a minor decrease in Sonalika tractor sales in March 2024, selling 8,682 units compared to the 10,616 units sold in March 2023. This marks a reduction of 18.22% in sales. The information also shows a 0.74 % rise in the brand's market presence.

In March 2024, Escorts Tractor experienced a 16.11% decline in tractor sales, selling 8054 units compared to 9,601 units sold in March 2023. However, the company managed to grow its market presence by 0.99.

In March 2024, John Deere Tractor sold 5523 tractors, a 6.88% decrease from the 5931 units sold in the previous year. Moreover, the brand experienced a 1.47% increase in market share.

March 2024 witnessed a 17.40% drop in New Holland tractor sales, with 3,062 units sold compared to 3,707 units sold the year before. Nevertheless, the brand experienced a 0.31% increase in market share.

During March 2024, there was a significant drop in Kubota tractor sales to 1301 units, marking a 48.90% decrease from the 2546 units sold in March 2023. At the same time, the company also saw a decrease in its market share by 1.05%.

In March 2024, Captain Tractor's sales decreased by 3.79% compared to March 2023, selling 482 tractors. Furthermore, the brand's market share decreased slightly by 0.15%.

In March 2024, VST's domestic sales report indicates that 475 VST tractors were sold, reflecting a 17.25% drop from the 574 tractors sold in March 2023. The brand holds a market share of 0.05%.

Preet's domestic tractor sales declined 33.72% in March 2024, with only 462 tractors sold. In March 2023, Preet Tractors sold 697 units of domestic tractors. The report also points out a slight decrease of 0.12% in market share.

In March 2024, there was a 33.66% drop in domestic tractor sales for Indo Farm tractors, with 412 tractors sold versus 621 units sold in March 2023. This month, the company's market share decreased by 0.11%.

ACE tractor's domestic sales decreased by 67.88%, with only 88 tractors sold in March 2024, compared to the 274 tractors sold in March 2023. Additionally, ACE tractors experienced a decrease in market share of 0.19%.

Sales of domestic SDF tractors dropped by 30.23% in March 2024, with 60 units sold versus 86 units sold in March 2023. Consequently, the market share declined by 0.01%. 

In March 2024, domestic tractor sales totalled 63,755, down from 82,450 in March 2023.

There was a 22.67% reduction in tractor sales in the domestic market in March 2024. Keep following Tractor Junction for further updates on tractor sales reports.

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