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Mahindra Tractor Domestic Sales Increased by 1% in August 2022; Sold 20,138 Units

Mahindra Tractor Domestic Sales Increased by 1% in August 2022; Sold 20,138 Units
Posted -06 September 2022 Share Post

Mahindra Tractor sales report August 2022 has been released. In August 2022, the company sold 20,138 units domestically and registered 1% growth, while it sold 19,997 units in August 2021. Apart from domestic sales, the Mahindra tractor sales figures August 2022 have also been announced in the Exports market, which sold 1,382 units and recorded a 1% growth as compared to the previous year, where the company sold 1,363 units.

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Mahindra Tractor Sales Statistics August 2022


August 2022

August 2021

% Change 

Domestic  20,138 19,997 1%
Exports  1,382 1,363 1%
Total  21,520 21,360 1%

Domestic Mahindra Tractor Year-to-Date Sales 2022

On the other hand, Mahindra & Mahindra announced its domestic year-to-date tractor sales report 2022. In 2022, the company sold 1,55,205 units which clearly shows a 10% hike as against last year, while the company sold 1,41,641 units in 2021. 

Exports Mahindra Tractor Year-to-Date Sales 2022

Mahindra year-to-date tractor sales report 2022 shows an 18% increase in sales by selling 8,131 units, while it sold 6,904 units in 2021. 

Mahindra Year to Date Tractor Sales Figures 2022




% Change 

Domestic  1,55,205 1,41,641 10%
Exports  8,131 6,904 18%
Total  1,63,336 1,48,518 10%

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Farm Equipment Sector President - Mr Hemant Sikka said, “We have sold 20,138 Mahindra tractors in the domestic market in August 2022, with a 1% growth over last year. Monsoon has been overall positive with 8% higher than LPA, however the spatial distribution has been inadequate in key paddy states of eastern India, thus impacting paddy sowing. We are optimistic that tractor purchases on auspicious days in the festive season will lead to revival in demand, as farmers start preparation for harvesting operations. We are preparing for strong tractor demand in the festive season. In the exports market, we have sold 1,382 tractors, a growth of 1% over last year.”  

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