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M&M to Introduce New Lightweight Platform for Swaraj Tractors

M&M to Introduce New Lightweight Platform for Swaraj Tractors
पोस्ट -05 जून 2023 शेयर पोस्ट

M&M Announce New Lightweight Swaraj Tractors 2 June

Mumbai, May 26, 2023 - Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), a leading Mahindra tractor manufacturer, made a significant announcement regarding their upcoming launch of a new platform for their lightweight Swaraj tractors. This highly anticipated platform, unveiled on June 2, will revolutionize the industry with its first-of-its-kind features, particularly in spraying and inter-culture operations.

New Holland Tractor

Alongside the new styling, the 25 horsepower and 29 horsepower engine tractors will offer a range of additional features, making them specialists in spraying and interculture applications. 

"This is a new segment for Swaraj and will include specialist spraying and intercultural application products," M&M's Jejurikar added.
Furthermore, M&M stated that the Oja platform, previously known as K2, will debut globally on August 15.

"This will be a launch for the Indian market  but also with a global mindset. We believe it is the most technologically advanced global tractor platform. We have created four new platforms, which will be branded Mahindra Oja", Jejurikar continued.

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