Popular Eicher Tractor Models : Price & Specifications


Popular Eicher tractors are known for their strength, durability, and ability to tackle even the toughest jobs. What really sets Eicher tractors apart is their extensive range of models, each designed to cater to different farming needs. Whether you need a compact, easy-to-maneuver tractor for a smaller farm or a powerful machine for large-scale operations, Eicher has something to offer every farmer.

A crucial consideration for any farmer is the price. Eicher tractors provide exceptional value for money, built with high-quality materials and engineering for years of reliable service. If you’re seeking a powerful yet cost-effective tractor, Eicher is an excellent choice. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the world of Eicher tractors and explore specific models that might be the perfect fit for your farm.

Popular Eicher tractor Models

Here are popular Eicher tractor models packed with features designed to boost your farm’s profitability. These rugged and reliable farming machines are built to handle even the toughest jobs, ensuring smooth and efficient operations to keep your agricultural business thriving.

1. Eicher 380


Eicher 380 tractor is a power-packed, comfortable tractor. It provides a 2500 CC engine capacity, which is the engine that ensures outstanding performance. Additionally, the tractor has balance shafts for less vibration and noise. The Eicher 380 tractor comes with a full and flat deck for a comfortable drive during fieldwork. 

This is one of the popular eicher tractor models with 3 cylinders and 2150 RPM. The Eicher Tractor HP Range is 40 HP with a water-cooled engine and 4-stage oil bath type air filter, which makes the engine more durable. Moreover, the tractor has a large 45-litre fuel tank capacity, which provides long working hours in the field. This Popular Eicher tractor price ranges between Rs. 6,26,000 and goes up to Rs 7,00,000

2. Eicher 551


The next on the list is the Eicher 551, one of the popular Eicher tractor models in India. Along with this, Eicher Tractor features are top-notch, like 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gearboxes and Multi-disc oil immersed brakes for full control over the tractor. 

Additionally, it has Mechanical / Power Steering, a 45-litre large fuel tank, and a 2100 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. This Eicher tractor’s price in India is Rs.7,34,000 and goes up to ₹ 8,13,000.

3. Eicher 333


Eicher 333 is one of the best Eicher Tractor models, offering 36 HP. Its 2365 CC water-cooled engine capacity delivers power and efficiency for various farming tasks. It has a combination of constant and sliding mesh transmission, with options for 8 Forward + 2 Reverse, ensuring flexibility in operation. 

Its sturdy tyres, sized 6 X 16 at the front and 12.4 X 28 / 13.6 X 28 at the rear, provide stability on various terrains, from flat fields to rugged terrain. This best Eicher tractor on road price is economical, and farmers can easily afford it. 

This Eicher tractor’s lifting capacity is 1650 Kg. Features like Dry Disc / Oil-Immersed brakes and Mechanical Steering offer comfort and convenience during long hours of work. These features and prices make this tractor one of the Popular Eicher tractor Models. 

4. Eicher 485


Eicher 485 has a 45 HP, 2945 CC liquid-cooled engine with 4 cylinders and a 2150 engine-rated RPM. Its inline fuel pump ensures efficient fuel delivery, while the Single / Dual Clutch transmission offers smooth gear shifts with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse. This tractor is the best Eicher Tractor for large farms.  

This Eicher 2WD tractor boasts sturdy front tyres size 6 X 16 and rear tyres size 14.9 X 28 / 13.6 X 28, ensuring stability on various surfaces. It is also one of the most popular Kubota 4WD Tractor models. It offers a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1650 kg, along with features like multi-disc oil-immersed brakes and Mechanical / Power Steering for efficient work.

This Popular Eicher tractor price list starts from Rs. 6,65,000 and goes up to Rs. 7,56,000. With a 2000 hr / 2 year, the Eicher 485 is an affordable option for all your farming needs. 

5. Eicher 242


Eicher 242 is one of the Popular Eicher tractors. Its price ranges from Rs. 4,71,000 to Rs. 5,08,000. It has 1 cylinder and a 1557 CC liquid-cooled engine capacity, ensuring reliable performance. Its double clutch and synchromesh transmission provide sleek operation through 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes.

This Eicher tractor model is equipped with Oil-Immersed Brakes and Power / Mechanical Steering, which ensure safety and ease of handling. It can also handle heavy loads, with a lifting capacity of 1220 Kg. 

6. Eicher 557


Eicher 557 is the Best Eicher Tractor for heavy farming fields. It has a 50 HP and liquid-cooled 3300 CC engine capacity, perfect for orchards and gardens. This Eicher tractor also has a 4 stage Oil bath type that protects the engine from dirt and makes it long-lasting. Moreover, this most-selling Eicher tractor is priced at Rs. 8,12,000 and goes up to Rs. 8,98,000, which is affordable for average Indian farmers. 

7. Eicher 368


Eicher 368 is a powerful tractor among the Popular Eicher tractor Models. This tractor has 38 HP and a 3-cylinder engine with an engine capacity of 2945 CC. Furthermore, it has a Mechanical/Power clutch type and Partial Constant Mesh transmission, offering 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gearboxes for smooth operation.

The tractor has a lifting capacity of 1650 kg and comes with a draft, position, and response control. The price of the Eicher Tractor ranges from Rs. 6,18,000 to Rs. 6,73,000, and it also offers a warranty of 2000 hr/2 years.

8. Eicher 480


Eicher 480 is one of the value for money tractors in its segment of 42 HP tractors in India. It has 3 cylinders and a 2500 CC liquid-cooled engine capacity, ensuring reliable performance. Its Single / Dual clutch and Partial mesh transmission provide smooth operation through 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes.

This Eicher 480 tractor is equipped with multi-disc oil-immersed brakes and Mechanical/Power Steering (optional) for ease of handling and safety. It can also lift heavy loads, with a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1650 Kg. This Eicher 480 tractor price in India is Rs. 6,95,000—Rs. 7,68,000. 

Popular Eicher tractor Models

The table below lists Popular Eicher tractor models with price ranges. These latest models cover different budget requirements.

Model Name Key Features Price Range
Eicher 650



  • Engine HP: 60 HP
  • PTO HP: 51 HP
  • Wheel drive: 2WD
  • Forward Gears: 8
  • Reverse Gears: 2

Rs. 8,40,000 – Rs. 8,80,000

Eicher 485 Super Plus


  • Engine Horsepower: 49 HP
  • PTO (Power Take-Off) Horsepower: 41.7 HP
  • Wheel Drive: 2WD
  • Forward Gears: 8
  • Reverse Gears: 2

Rs. 6,91,000 – Rs. 7,54,000

Eicher 241


  • Engine HP: 25 HP
  • PTO HP: 21.25 HP
  • Wheel Drive: 2WD
  • Forward Gears: 5
  • Reverse Gears: 1

Rs. 3,83,000 – Rs. 4,15,000

Eicher 188


  • Engine Horsepower: 18 HP
  • PTO Horsepower: 15 HP
  • Wheel Drive: 2WD
  • Forward Gears: 8
  • Reverse Gears: 2

Rs. 3,08,000 – Rs. 3,23,000

Eicher 380 4WD


  • Engine HP: 40 HP
  • PTO HP: 34 HP
  • Wheel Drive: 4WD 
  • Forward Gears: 8
  • Reverse Gears: 2

RS. 7,85,000- Rs. 8,06,000

Eicher 312


  • Engine Horsepower: 30 HP
  • Power Take-Off (PTO) Horsepower: 25.5 HP
  • Wheel Drive: 2WD
  • Forward Gears: 8
  • Reverse Gears: 2

Rs. 4,80,000 – Rs. 5,10,000.


In conclusion, Eicher tractors stand out for their reliability and efficiency, making them a top choice for farmers. With user-friendly designs and robust builds, these tractors ensure smooth operations, enhancing productivity in various tasks such as plowing, tilling, and hauling. 

Their powerful engines and versatile features cater to both small-scale and large-scale farming needs. Eicher’s commitment to innovation and quality aids farmers in achieving better yields with less effort. Overall, Eicher tractors offer the perfect blend of performance and durability, solidifying their role as a trusted partner in modern agriculture.