Best 5 Popular Eicher Tractor Models In India 2024: Price & Features

Top 5 Popular Eicher Tractor Models In India 2024

Eicher tractors make farming easier with their powerful and fuel-efficient engines. These tractors are powerful, efficient, and affordable. These tractors are an ideal choice for farmers with both small and big farms. Eicher tractors have engines that stay cool in hot weather, allowing farmers to work more and earn more money. In simple terms, using popular Eicher tractor makes farming more efficient and profitable.

Eicher tractors are fuel-efficient and versatile, helping farmers with tasks like construction and transport. There are many Eicher tractor models available in India according to diverse farmers’ needs. This blog will talk about the Eicher Tractor Models for Farming that people really like in India.

List of 5 Best Selling Popular Eicher Tractor Price List India 2024

In India, Eicher tractors price ranges from Rs. 3.20 Lakh to Rs. 8.50 Lakh. With approximately 29 models available in India, Eicher tractors vary in HP from 18 to 60. Among the Eicher tractors, the best models are the Eicher 485, 551, 333, 380, 241, and many others. Check out below for additional information on Eicher tractors and their price list. 

1. Eicher 485Eicher 485 Tractor


Eicher 485 is the best tractor for farming and commercial use. This tractor functions smoothly and easily thanks to its dry-type single or optional dual-clutch. The tractor has Multi-disc oil immersed brakes, providing less slippage and a high grip on fields.

It has a 45 HP engine, a 10-speed gearbox, and options for 2-wheel drive. The tractor offers comfort and productivity with features like Mechanical/Power Steering and a lifting capacity of 1650 KG. 

The Eicher 485 tractor has a 2945 CC engine running at 2150 RPM, making it affordable with air-cooling. Eicher 485 tractor is priced between Rs. 6.50 and Rs. 6.70 lakhs in India. It’s liked by farmers for its modern features, fuel efficiency, and great on-road performance.

2. Eicher 551

Eicher 551 Tractor

Eicher 551 is a powerful 49 HP tractor with a 3-cylinder, 3300 CC engine with a clean-air filter that ensures efficiency. With water-cooled technology, it suits remote areas. The tractor reaches speeds up to 32.93 Kmph, thanks to a single/dual-clutch and partial constant mesh transmission. 

The side-shift gear lever and multi-disc oil-immersed brakes in this popular eicher tractor are beneficial for a range of farming tasks. For example, the side-shift gear lever makes it easier to change gears while working in the fields, providing convenience for tasks like ploughing, planting, or cultivating.

The multi-disc oil-immersed brakes enhance safety during activities such as stopping the tractor or controlling its speed on uneven terrains. This tractor also comes with a  combination of an old diesel engine and a modern design.  Eicher 551 tractor price in India starts from Rs 6.80 and goes up to 7.10 Lakh in India. These features and affordable price range make it the perfect choice for farmers. 

3. Eicher 333

Eicher 333 Tractor

Farmers use Eicher 333 tractors for their everyday farming needs. Eicher 333 is compatible with different farm equipment, such as cultivators and trailers. It is largely preferred by medium and large-scale farmers for farming tasks like ploughing, planting and cultivating. 

The Eicher 333 tractor has a 36 HP engine with 3 cylinders. It can lift upto 1650 kg and comes with a warranty of 2000 hours or 2 years. The transmission system has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, and it can go up to 27.7 kmph. The tractor features a single/dual-clutch and a mechanical steering system. The Eicher 333 price in India starts from Rs. 5,45000. Furthermore, this popular Eicher tractor is perfect for remote areas. 

4. Eicher 380

Eicher 380 Tractor

The Eicher 380 is the best Eicher Tractor model in India as it helps in multiple agricultural and commercial applications. It is a 2WD tractor with 40 HP. Its engine is rated at 1600 RPM and has a displacement of 2500 cc. The stable 34 PTO HP enables the efficient attachment and operation of a range of agricultural tools.

The Eicher 380 tractor has a 3-cylinder engine and can lift up to 1650 kg. It comes with a warranty of 2000 hours or 2 years. The tractor has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, and you can choose between a single or dual-clutch. 

You also get to pick between mechanical or power steering. This tractor is good for different farming tasks, like ploughing or planting, and it’s easy for farmers to use. Eicher 380 is efficient and has a 45-litre fuel tank. Along with these characteristics, this popular Eicher Tractor in India costs between Rs. 8,39,000 and Rs. 9,89,000.

5. Eicher 241

Eicher 241 Tractor

Eicher 241 in India can cater to many farming needs, such as land preparation, sowing and harvesting. The Eicher 241 tractor is a 25 HP tractor and comes with a 1-cylinder, 1557 CC engine with a rotational velocity of 1650 RPM and air-cooled cooling. The 4-stage oil bath-type air filter gives clean air for optimal engine performance. The price of this popular eicher tractor model in India starts at Rs. 3.83 – 4.15 Lakhs. 

Eicher 241 has a  5+1 gear transmission, dry disc brakes, and mechanical/power steering options for better performance. Moreover, it is a 2WD tractor that can lift up to 960 kg and has a fuel tank of 34 litres. Additionally, it comes with a 2-year warranty, making it the best Eicher tractor model among farmers. 

Which Are The Best Models in Eicher Tractor?

Eicher tractors have two main series: Eicher Super and Eicher Prima G3. They include popular models like Eicher 333, 380, and 485. Eicher 333 is good for bigger tasks, and Eicher 380 is ideal for being reliable. 

Eicher 485 is a reliable pick for Indian farmers, meeting various farming needs with trust and performance. For the best Eicher tractors, consider top models like Eicher 333, 380, and 485, fulfilling agriculture demands effectively. Thus, every model in the popular Eicher tractor segment is remarkable. 

Conclusion : 

To sum up, Indian farmers greatly benefit from Eicher tractors. Eicher models 485, 551, 333, 380, and 241 are dependable and effective in various farming applications. They offer features that are easy to use, are robust, and consume less fuel. 

These popular Eicher tractors are reasonably priced, providing excellent value for the money. The company offers tractors for every price and requirement, from the strong 45 HP Eicher 485 to the more affordable Eicher 241. In general, farmers have faith in Eicher tractors due to their dependability and excellence.

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