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Yokohama Introduces AGRI STAR II Tyre With Innovative SLT Technology

Yokohama Introduces AGRI STAR II Tyre With Innovative SLT Technology
Posted -25 May 2023 Share Post

Yokohama Introduces AGRI STAR II Tyre With Innovative SLT Technology, Know More 

The AGRI STAR II R-I tire is an exceptional technological innovation featuring cutting-edge Stratified Layer Technology (SLT). This advanced technology enhances lug competency, extends tire lifespan, improves traction, and minimizes soil compaction, making it an excellent choice for agricultural applications.

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Yokohama's subsidiary, Alliance Tire Group, recently introduced the Agri Star II R-I tires, equipped with innovative Stratified Layer Technology, catering to the evolving demands of tractor owners. With a strong track record in the farming sector, Yokohama Off-Highway Tires' Alliance Tire Group has previously launched successful tires like IF & VF. 

During the launch event in Ludhiana, Harinder Singh, President of APAC, mentioned, "At YOHT, we have always focused on improving farm productivity by providing cutting-edge products in an affordable range. The special thing about AGRI STAR II R-I is that it has been created to address the need of end-users, expressly farmers. The life of an agriculture tyre and its mid-life efficiency was a farmer's concern, and  Agri Star II R – I  explicitly addresses this issue."

The Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) incorporates unique layering with a single-angle profile on the top and a multi-angle profile on the bottom. As the lug wears down by 40%, the multi-angle profile layer comes into closer contact with the ground, enhancing traction, grip, and overall performance on various terrains.

According to AAPC President Harinder Singh, "It's exciting to see that more Indian farmers are upgrading and embracing technology to prepare and harvest their crops. We are confident that  AGRI STAR II R-I  will meet their expectations from a Radial Agri tyre."

The AGRI STAR II R-I tire delivers outstanding performance with its extended tread life, exceptional roadability, and impressive traction. It minimizes soil compaction, enhances braking capabilities, and improves self-cleaning properties. In addition, the robust tire construction ensures dimensional stability, while the additional rubber volume enhances stiffness for superior wear resistance.

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