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Sonalika Tractors Recorded The Highest-Ever Sales Of 1 Lakh Units

Sonalika Tractors Recorded The Highest-Ever Sales Of 1 Lakh Units
Posted -12 December 2022 Share Post

Through its largest top-class and biggest (in the world) manufacturing unit, International Tractors’ major Sonalika has witnessed a new sales record this fiscal year. The tractor brand surpassed its own record and marked a new record of selling 1 Lakh tractor models over a period of 8 months with a boost of 11.2% in Year To Date (YTD) growth. According to the statistics of market acquisition, the Sonalika tractor brand has even exceeded the industry’s YTD growth (approx. 8.8%).

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Sonalika Tractors Recorded The Highest-Ever Sales Of 1 Lakh Unitsa’s region-centric market approach to attract customers has brought beneficial results for the company. Considering its previous performance of selling tractors all around the globe, the milestone of 1 lakh tractors was achieved earlier this year. The company has been selling a hundred thousand tractor units each fiscal year since FY ’18.  This excellence was obtained by Sonalika Tractors in 2018 for the first time ever. This special achievement was recorded for the first time by the tractor brand in FY '18 in a duration of 12 months.

The biggest tractor exporter in India proudly claims this achievement. Moreover, the tractor brand states its brilliant product planning and management of portfolio as the primary reason behind this marvellous achievement. Furthermore, it claims its strategies for improvised product marketing and initiatives behind the success of the campaign. With a goal to make farming machines affordable for consumers and thus ensure prosperity among them, the brand is dedicated to making top-notch products and providing best-in-class services.

Mr Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director, International Tractors Limited, through a press release, has quoted about this remarkable performance. He said that he is overjoyed to share this news that has brought the brand’s thorough market understanding and designed to improve branding into focus. He further stated that Sonalika has slowly but steadily paved its way into a farmer’s arena. In addition to this, he added that Indian farmers are also steadily adopting new technologies for mechanized farming. Furthermore, he said this business planning and marketing has been the major reason behind driving the increased tractor sales.

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