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International Tractors Limited (ITL) Launched 5 Tractor Series Amidst 200+ Global Channel Partners

International Tractors Limited (ITL) Launched 5 Tractor Series Amidst 200+ Global Channel Partners
Posted -20 October 2023 Share Post

Sonalika Tractors Presented 5 Tractor Series Aiming To Increase Sales 

International Tractors Limited (ITL), renowned for manufacturing Sonalika tractors, claims to double its global sales in the coming three years. They revealed five top-notch new tractor series in Gurugram at an event on October 14, where more than 200 global channel partners were present. One of these lineups is the SV series, comprising electric tractors, claiming it as a zero-emission tractor lineup.

New Holland Tractor

The electric tractor under the SV series, designed under the brand of Solis brand, is built to target international markets like the USA, Africa, Europe and South America. This technologically advanced tractor comes with eye-catching features. It delivers high torque and features fast charging, which helps the tractor reach 100 per cent in 3 to 3.5 hours. However, with regular charging, it takes 8 hours to charge completely.

Moreover, the tractor series showcased by International Tractor Limited in the Global Partners Summit (GPS) 200 are: 

  • N Series
  • C Series
  • S Series
  • SV Series
  • H Series

The Executive Director of ITL, Sushant Sagar Mittal, stated that ITL invested a huge sum of Rs 850 crore in a new manufacturing plant with technological advancements. At the same time, an additional amount of Rs 150 crore was decided for the research and development of the new tractor models.

At the event, the Executive Director of ITL, Rahul Mittal, marked their unique approach. He stated, “We   have   found   a   winning   formula   by   combining European styling and Japanese quality at Indian manufacturing costs. The special ingredient in this formula is our constant growth mindset with the biggest network of channel partners who dream big,  are willing to take up new challenges and are ready to reinvent. This formula is shaking up the global tractor industry. Our aim is to help farmers all across the globe to increase their productivity and make a difference in their lives. We aim to achieve that through innovation.”

The Director and CEO of International Business at ITL, Mr Gaurav Saxena, said, “At International Tractors Limited, we believe in a global commitment towards the agri community that transcends borders and truly value our customer’s prosperity. Our new product offerings are designed to shape the future of farming and we regularly keep introducing new tractors or upgrading our product portfolio based on market feedback. We have been the No 1. Export brand from India since last 4 years and hold the No. 1 position in 14 countries in the addressable segment. These new five tractor series will enable us to strengthen our position in the world markets, serve a wider range of customers as well as penetrate newer segments in various markets together with the support of our biggest network of over 3000 dealers.”

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