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Retail Tractor Sales March 2023 - A 7.94% YoY sales Increase With 8.27 Lakh Tractors

Retail Tractor Sales March 2023 - A 7.94% YoY sales Increase With 8.27 Lakh Tractors
Posted -07 April 2023 Share Post

Retail Tractor Sales March 2023 A 7.94% YoY sales With 8.27 Lakh Tractors

FADA revealed retail tractor sales in India and witnessed a remarkable rise in FY '23 by 827403 tractors. The sales boosted by 7.94% compared to the previous year's sales which were 766545 tractors.

New Holland Tractor

Retail Tractor Sales Data FY'23 Of Top Brands

Mahindra Tractor sales data shows 176736 tractors in FY '23 compared to 145916 tractors in FY '22, which marks a 21.12% increase in retail sales. However, the brand maintained this year's market share by 2.23%. 

Swaraj tractor sales were observed at 128698 tractors for FY '23, as against 104674 tractors for FY '22, and its retail Swaraj tractor sales data presented a 0.23% increase. 

Sonalika Tractor retail sales were 97743 tractors in FY '23 as against 89962 units in FY '22. As a result, the brand recorded an 8.64% increase in sales and observed a 0.07% rise in market share. 

TAFE Limited retail tractor sales were 92546 units during FY '23, witnessing a 13.94% increase in TAFE tractor sales. Also, the brand maintained its 0.59% market share. 

Escorts Limited retail tractor sales were 79531 Escorts tractors in FY '23 compared to 66543 tractors in FY '22, marking a 19.51% increase in sales. 

John Deere Tractor sold 60450 tractors in FY '23, compared to 52489 tractors in FY '22, revealing a 15.16% growth. 

Eicher Tractor retail sales were 52870 units during FY '23, which resulted in a 3.53% increase in Eicher Tractor sales. However, the brand's market share dropped by 0.27%. 

New Holland Tractor sold 30047 tractors during FY '23, in comparison to 25520 tractors during FY'22. As a result, the brand witnessed a 17.73% rise in sales figures. In addition, New Holland achieved a market share of 0.30%. 

Kubota Tractor sold 20753 tractors in FY '23, as against 16424 tractors in FY '22. This led to an increase of 26.35% in the Indian market. Also, the Kubota Tractor brand's market share slightly increased by 0.37%. 

VST Tractor retail sales for FY '23 was 5290 tractors, which was 5993 tractors in FY '22. Therefore, it shows an 11.73% decrease in retail tractor sales.

Force Tractors sold 4312 units in FY '23 compared to 4146 units in the previous year, and its retail Force tractor sales data presents a 4% growth. 

Preet Tractor sold 3605 units in FY'23 against 4756 units in FY'22. Hence, the retail tractor sales show a 24.2% decrease in sales. The brand's market share also dropped by 0.18%. 

Indo Farm Tractor sold 3456 tractors in FY '23, which was 3601 Indo Farm tractors in FY '22, leading to a 4.02% decline in sales. Also, the Indo Farm Tractor market share dropped by 0.05%. 

Captain Tractor recorded an 11.55% drop in retail tractor sales for FY '23. This is due to the sale of 3451 tractors in comparison to 3902 tractors in the previous year, which led to a dip of 0.09% in market share. 

Other tractor manufacturers recorded a sale of 67915 tractors during FY '23 against 110337 tractors in FY '22. Hence, it presents a 38.44% decline in retail tractor sales. 

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