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New Holland T4 Electric Power – The First-Ever Electric Tractor Prototype Launched

New Holland T4 Electric Power – The First-Ever Electric Tractor Prototype Launched
Posted -14 December 2022 Share Post

CNH International launched a new and modern-looking machine, New Holland T4 Electric Power, this Friday to reduce carbon emissions. This tractor model is a first-in-segment prototype which has numerous autonomous features. Its first look was revealed in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, at the Tech Day event.

New Holland Tractor

The company said that the project was made possible in collaboration and partnership with Monarch Tractor, which is an electric farming machine innovator established in California, USA. Furthermore, CNH quoted that this project was not possible without the efficient technologies of Monarch Tractors.

CNH considers this futuristic machine a marvellous achievement and marks it as the beginning of electrification in farming operations. The Chief Digital and Information Officer of the CNH brand, Marc Kermisch, said at the Tech Day event that this T4 electric prototype is a suitable machine for low-power needs. He further stated that the tractor is recommended for small to medium-scale farming and industrial operations. Moreover, he is hoping for positive feedback from the customers and expects that the consumers will adopt this technology in the era of electrification. 

Expected Specifications Of The T4 Electric

Eye-Catching Features

New Holland T4 Electric Power is equipped with a range of 0 to 120 Horsepower, generating a 440 NM maximum torque. With 4 Wheel Drive, this electric tractor has a max speed of 40 Kmph. Regarding the battery, with a full charge, the T4 tractor serves a full day of operation. Moving on, the tractor only takes an hour to reach 100% power capacity when charged with the help of a fast charger. In addition to the above-mentioned features, the tractor supports tasks such as drilling, welding and backup power facilities to fulfil a farmer’s other agricultural needs.

High Performance

The CNH International T4 Electric Power on testing delivered better starting torque, reduced operational costing by 90% and decreased 90% noise and a substantial reduction in vibrations of the tractor. Furthermore, it gives higher traction control and smoother gear transitions and shuttling.

Unique Autonomous Features

The tractor’s body is equipped with AI-guided cameras, smart sensors, and control units that enable the following top-notch autonomous features.

  • A farmer can easily switch on/off this tractor remotely.
  • A virtual reality-based system is present, which is guided by a 360-degree camera that helps in avoiding obstacles.
  • A synchronized platform that assists the operator in tracking the tractor’s performance regularly.

This T4 electric tractor and its methane-powered alternatives showed the brand’s brave step towards the reduction of carbon emissions and a sustainable future for the upcoming generations.

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