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Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Report August 2023 - A 2.1% Drop In Sales

Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Report August 2023 - A 2.1% Drop In Sales
Posted -04 September 2023 Share Post

Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Report August 2023

Escorts Kubota Limited presented a decline in August 2023 tractor sales. The company sold 5,198 units in August 2023, which was 5,308 tractors in August 2022.

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This decline was observed due to less rainfall in some parts of the country. Rainfall has a major role in agriculture and less rainfall results in lower crop yields. As a result, the demand for tractors is impacted, which is crucial in crop production.

However, Escorts Kubota is hoping for impressive sales in the future despite the decrease in tractor sales. The company claims to see a rise in demand for tractors in the coming months with improved monsoon and the beginning of crop season.

Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales Data August 2023 - Export & Domestic Sales

Particulars August 2023 August 2022 % Growth
Domestic  5,198  5,308 -2.1%
Exports  395 803  -50.8%
Total 5,593 6,111 -8.5%

Escorts Kubota Tractor Sales August 2023 - YoY% Growth


April - August (5M)

  FY23 FY24 % Growth
Domestic 34,620  35,585 2.8%
Exports 3,648 2,160 -40.8%
Total 38,268    37,745       -1.4%

The Escorts Kubota Tractor year-to-date (YTD) sales mark a minimal decrease as the company's total sales were 37,745 tractors in FY24 against 38,268 tractors in FY23. Escorts Kubota Domestic Tractor Sales were 35,585 tractors in FY24 as compared to 34,620 tractors in FY23, which showcases a 2.8% growth. The year-to-date export sales of Escorts Kubota was 2,160 tractors in FY24, which was 3,648 tractors in the previous year, leading to a 40.8% decline.

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