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Domestic Tractor Sales Report August 2023: Sold 53,249 Units With 1.02% Increase

Domestic Tractor Sales Report August 2023: Sold 53,249 Units With 1.02% Increase
Posted -07 September 2023 Share Post

Domestic Tractor Sales Report for August 2023: 1.02% Growth In Sales 

August 2023, domestic tractor sales in India witnessed an increase of 1.02%, with 53,249 tractors sold, which was 52,711 tractors in August 2022. However, experts are hoping for a significant rise in tractor sales in the upcoming crop season. 

Tractor Brand Wise Data Of Domestic Tractor Sales Report August 2023 

New Holland Tractor

Domestic Tractor Sales Report August 2023: Sold 53,249 Units

India's leading tractor manufacturer, Mahindra & Mahindra, sold 20,647 Mahindra tractors in August 2023. As a result, the brand saw a 2.53% increase in sales as compared to 20,138 tractors sold in August 2022. In addition, Mahindra observed a 0.57% increase in its market share.

TAFE domestic ( Massey ferguson tractor ) tractor sales registered at 9,708 units in August 2023, marking a 1.11% increase as compared to 9,601 tractors sold in August 2022. Moreover, TAFE's market share presented a slight growth of 0.02%.

Sonalika International sold 6,984 units in August 2023, which was 7,014 units in August 2022, revealing a 0.43% decline in sales. Also, the domestic tractor of this brand shows a 0.19% decrease in the market share.

Escorts sold 5,198 tractors in August 2023, leading to a 2.07% decrease as compared to the 5308 Escorts tractors sold in August 2022. At the same time, the company saw a 0.31% decrease in market share.

In August 2023, John Deere tractor registered a sale of 4,986 tractors, presenting a 9.37% growth as compared to August 2023. Moreover, the brand's market share witnessed a 0.71% increase.

New Holland tractor domestic sales recorded 2,210 tractors, revealing a 7.13% increase in comparison to the sales of August 2023.

Kubota tractor domestic sales were 1,241 units in August 2023, observing a decrease of 31.13% as compared to August 2022. Along with this, its market share also decreased by 1.09%.

Captain Tractor sold 550 units in August 2023, making an impressive 103.70% increase in sales in comparison to August 2022. Moreover, the company registered a slight growth of 0.52% in market share.

Preet tractor domestic sales witnessed a decrease of 8.33% by selling 440 tractors in August 2023. Also, the report shows a minor decrease of 0.08% in the company’s market share.

In August 2023, Indo Farm tractors saw a 6.39% decline in domestic tractor sales, with the sale of 425 units.

The domestic sales report of VST for August 2023 marks 310 Vst tractors sold, leading to a 31.11% drop in sales. As a result, the company’s market share has also decreased by 0.27%. 

Force tractors domestic sales showcased an 11.64% decrease, with 258 tractors sold in August 2023. Along with this, the market share of Force tractors recorded a 0.07% decline.

ACE tractor domestic sales noticed a 16.90% growth by selling 49 units as compared to August 2022. Furthermore, the ACE tractor’s market share saw a 0.06% decline. 

SAME DEUTZ FAHR TRACTOR domestic sales in August 2023 witnessed a 35.82% decrease as this brand sold 43 tractors in August 2023, and its market share saw a 0.05% decrease.

The total domestic tractor sales report of August 2023 presented the sale of 53,249 tractors. As a result, domestic tractor sales slightly increased by 1.02% in August 2023.

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