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Domestic Tractor Sales Recorded a 40.6% Growth in April’22 with 89201 Units Sold

Domestic Tractor Sales Recorded a 40.6% Growth in April’22 with 89201 Units Sold
Posted -13 May 2022 Share Post

Domestic Tractor Sales Recorded a 40.6% Growth in April’22 with 89201 Units Sold

Domestic Tractor sales increased by 40.59%, In April’22. The total tractor sales in April 2022 stood at 89201 units, while in April 2021, total tractor sales were 63447 units. So, here we are showing the tractor industry brand wise sales report that will surely clear you the complete tractor brand sales. 

New Holland Tractor

Domestic Sales Report, April 2022

Mahindra tractor reported the sales with 50.8% growth in April 2022 by selling 39405 units, and in April 2021, they sold 26130 tractor units. Apart from this, Mahindra has also added 2.99% to its market share this month. 

Mr Hemant Sikka, President of Agricultural Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited said - "We have sold 39405 unit farm vehicles in the domestic market during April 2022, which is 51% more than the year before. Our market has seen fair development because of good market interest. There has been a decent improvement in Rabi farming in every one of the markets. Between the predominant worldwide circumstance and the high demand of wheat from India, the Indian wheat crop request has been exceptionally high, and this is getting the farmers more intense costs than the MSP in the open market. Furthermore, oilseeds are getting higher market esteem in the domestic market. Both IMD and Skymet have anticipated an ordinary rainstorm during the current year, which is generally excellent for the forthcoming Kharif season. Giving great deals to the tractor industry is likewise anticipated."

TAFE Group tractor sales increased in the domestic market by 50.47%. The company sold 16817 tractors units in April 2022 against 11176 units in April’21. The TAFE Group has also raised 1.24% of its market share in April 2022. 

Sonalika Tractors also registered a 43.46% growth in domestic tractor sales. However, Sonalika’s April 2022 tractor sales registered 10217 units, and 7122 units in April 2021. And Sonalika tractors noted a 0.23% growth in market share. 

Mr Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director of Sonalika Tractors, shared his thoughts, "It is elating to begin the Q1 FY'23 with the most elevated ever April month in sales of 12,328 farm vehicle units sales. With huge 43.5% development in the domestic market, we have outperformed industry development of est. 41% even at such high development levels, and this has unquestionably laid out steps to arrive at us in this year. I'm appreciative to our clients for this gradual trust level in our mechanically progressed and modified farmers and our channel partner who stay committed with us to internationally convey better compared to the best."

Escorts Group recorded a 20.20% growth in domestic tractor sales, from 7676 units in April 2022 to 6386 units in April 2021. But, Escorts lost its market share by 1.46%.

Escorts said, "Because of the consistent harvesting in many states and the ongoing worldwide international climate, farmers are getting preferred crop costs this time over the Minimum Support Price (MSP). All things considered, the Meteorological Department has additionally anticipated an ordinary storm with the opportunity of good rains in July. Taking into account this multitude of elements, assuming planting is done on time this year, we anticipate that the organization should have great retail deals in the impending two months. In any case, however we have raise the costs of agri apparatus in April 2022, inflationary strain on commodity prices keeps on causing worry for the organization."

John Deere Tractors registered an 8.40% growth in domestic tractor sales, from 6992 units in April 2022 to 6450 units in April 2021. But, its market share declined by 2.33%.

New Holland Tractors reported a domestic growth of 39.63% tractor sales in April’22 by selling 3224 units against 2309 units on April’21. But the company lost its market share by 0.02%.

Kubota Tractors registered a growth of 54.19%, with domestic tractor sales of 2245 units on April 22, against 1456 units sold during April 2021. Along with, the company's market share has also escalated by 0.22%.

Indo Farm Tractors declared a nice growth of 5.66% in domestic tractor sales. The company also recorded 560 units sold in April 2022 against 530 units in April 2021. But the tractor company noted a reduction in its total domestic market share by 0.21%. 

Preet Tractors noted its domestic with a slight growth of 2.12% in April 2022 by selling 531 units against 520 units in April 2021. Despite this, Preet Tractors market share has decreased by 0.22%.

VST Tractors Brand specified degrowth by 10.76% in domestic tractor sales during April 2022 by selling 423 units comparatively 474 units in April 2021. Herein, the company lost its market share by 0.27%. 

Force Tractors domestic tractor sales rose by 1.30%. But, the company lost 0.17% of its market share. They sold 391 units in April 2022 against 386 units in April 2021.

ACE Tractors has shown a considerable growth of 233.78% in total sales. ACE Tractors recorded domestic sales of 247 tractors in April 2022 against 74 tractors in April 2021. As a result, the company added 0.16% to their total market share.

Captain Tractors domestic tractor sales registered 36.61% growth. The company sold 347 units in April 2022, against 254 units in April 2021. But, the market share of Captain Tractors decreased by 0.01%.

SDF Tractors recorded 126 unit sales in April 2022 and, on the other hand, 180 units sold in April 2021. As a result, it shows a 30.00% decline in SDF Tractors domestic sales. Along with this, SDF Tractors also lost its market share by 0.14%. 

To keep you updated every month, TractorGuru publishes monthly wholesale & retail sales reports of every tractor brand, including Mahindra Tractors and TAFE Tractors, state-wise, district-wise, and HP-wise. For more detailed information, you can contact us on our website.

To keep you updated every month, TractorGuru publishes monthly wholesale & retail sales reports of every tractor company, including New Holland Tractor and Farmtrac Tractor, state-wise, district-wise, and HP-wise. You can contact us for more detailed information.

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