Top 5 Captain Mini Tractor Models in India: Price & Features

Top 5 Captain Mini Tractor

We see numerous tractors in the Indian tractor industry, which makes it challenging to choose the best tractor for farming. Also, some small and marginal farmers require mini tractors for operations in less space. Therefore, we are presenting the top 5 Captain mini tractor models in India to make small-scale farming easier. 

Captain Mini Tractor 20 HP to 28 HP Models in India

In this blog, we are exhibiting the top 5 Captain mini tractor models in India for higher farming benefits. Here, you will find the essential details related to price, specifications and features. 

1. Captain 263 4WD – 8G

CAPTAIN 263 4WD - 8G


Captain 263 4WD – 8G tractor is a mini tractor with many modern features. It is fitted with a best-in-class 25 Horsepower engine, which has liquid cooling with a wet-type air filter. Moreover, this Captain mini tractor performs consistently on every crop field. As a result, it will be a profitable farming choice for every farmer. 

Speaking about handling this mini tractor, it has a hydrostatic power steering system offering effectiveness over any surface. Along with this, the multi-disc oil-immersed braking system offers rapid stopping of the tractor in muddy fields and slippery terrain. However, all these features are provided at a reasonable price. The price of Captain 263 4WD – 8G is Rs. 3.80 – 4.25 lakh in India.  

2. Captain 250 DI 4WD


Captain 250 DI 4WD

This mini tractor model from Captain has an eye-catching body design offering durability in longer operations. Fitted with a 4-wheel drive and 8 forward + 2 reverse gears, the Captain 250 DI 4WD defines the ease of farming operations. Apart from this, the tractor offers a 2200 mm turning radius with brakes for smooth operation in narrow spaces. However, this Captain mini tractor can not only fulfil farming requirements but also be used in industrial applications. Moreover, the tractor has a price of Rs. 4.48 – 4.88 lakh in India. Therefore, the Captain 250 DI 4WD tractor is reasonably priced. 

3. Captain 283 4WD 8G

Captain 283 4WD 8G

Captain 283 4WD 8G has a fuel-efficient engine, which gives ideal field power. It generates 23 HP of Take-Off Power, taking small-scale farming to the next level. This is due to its 1318 CC displacement capacity, which gives 2700 RPM with low fuel consumption. Apart from this, the sliding mesh transmission of this Captain mini tractor helps in easily switching gears for different farming tasks, such as sowing, tilling and harvesting.

The ADDC hydraulics of Captain 283 4WD 8G tractor allow the operator for precise lifting. Therefore, farmers can use this tractor for orchard farming or garden maintenance. This Captain mini tractor price is Rs. 4.84 – 4.98 lakh in India.

4. Captain 280 DI 4WD

Captain 283 4WD 8G

The Captain 280 DI 4WD offers numerous farming features, delivering seamless operations in mini-farms. It has a 2-cylinder 28 Horsepower engine, which gives 2500 RPM. Also, this Captain mini tractor provides fuel efficiency with its 1290 CC displacement capacity. The synchromesh transmission of this tractor assists the operator in easily switching gears according to the type of operation. 

In this way, the tractor redefines the seamless farming experience. With a price of Rs. 4.82 to 5.00 lakh in India, the Captain 280 DI 4WD tractor is suitable for every small-scale farming operation. 

5. Captain 280 DX

Captain 283 4WD 8G

The Captain 280 DX is the epitome of a miniature farming beast. It gives easier operation in every small farm or garden. Moreover, farmers can control this Captain mini tractor in vineyards or orchards with an ideal turning radius. The 28 HP engine of this tractor gives 2500 RPM with adequate mileage due to a 1290 CC displacement capacity. Along with this, this Captain mini tractor offers rapid stopping with effective grip as it has a dry internal expansion shoe braking system. At the same time, the multispeed PTO helps in powering essential farming implements. However, all these features are available at a reasonable price. Therefore, the Captain 280 DX price is Rs. 4.79 – 4.80 lakh in India. 

The Final Thought

Captain Tractor is a trusted brand for power-packed mini tractor models. All the models from this tractor manufacturer are available at a budget-friendly price. This way, Captain tractor models are helpful for small and marginal farmers or those who want a farming machine for garden maintenance. So, choose a tractor and boost your income with improved farming productivity. 

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