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VST Series 9 Tractors Launched in India With 6 Compact Tractor Models

VST Series 9 Tractors Launched in India With 6 Compact Tractor Models
Posted -09 August 2023 Share Post

VST Unveiled 6 Series 9 Tractor Models In India

VST revealed 6 compact tractor models in India in the Series 9 tractor launch event. The brand introduced 6 tractors– VST 918, VST 922, VST 927, VST 929, VST 932 and VST 939,  targeting various agriculture sectors, such as horticulture and commercial-scale farming. VST presented the first-in-industry features in the compact tractor series launch. The company claimed these tractors would create a difference in the incomes of Indian farmers with improved efficiency. These VST tractors are available in 3 segments, showcasing comfort and safety for farmers. 

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Highlights Of The VST Series 9 Tractors Launch Event

The VST Series 9 tractor launch witnessed–

  • 6 power ratings from 4 different engine platforms.
  • 6+2/8+2/9+3 speed options in tractors.
  • Sliding, constant, synchro mesh gearbox.
  • Different hydraulic lifting options of 500 kgs, 750 kgs and 1250 kgs. 
  • Single and independent clutch options.

The Newly Launched VST Series 9 Tractors Specifications 

VST’s Series 9 tractor lineup has 6 compact tractors in different segments, catering to every agricultural need.

VST 918: Trust of decades

This VST tractor is available with a 3-cylinder Japanese DI engine, generating 18.5 HP with suitable torque. Equipped with a sliding/constant mesh transmission and 6+2/8+2 gearbox. VST 918 tractor features a dual PTO with economy PTO options. The model also has 750/500 kgs ADDC hydraulics with oil-immersed brakes. 

VST 922: Legacy - Born Again

VST 922 tractor is fitted with a 3-cylinder Japanese DI engine, producing 22 HP. It also has the option of economy PTO for farming. This VST tractor model comes with 750/500 kgs ADDC hydraulics and a 6+2/8+2 gearbox. 

VST 927: Legacy - Born Again

Generating a max 24 HP, the VST 927 tractor has a full constant mesh gearbox. The tractor configures ADDC hydraulics with a 750 kg lifting capacity. With oil-immersed brakes and dual PTO, it has every farming feature for boosting productivity. 

VST 929: Dual Track Edition

VST 929 tractor has dual-track technology adaptable to different terrains by adjusting the track width. It features a 28 HP engine and fully constant mesh transmission for smoother operations. The tractor has an 8+2 gearbox, delivering various speed options. 

VST 939: Max Tech Range

VST 939 tractor has a fully synchromesh gearbox and 9+3 helical transmission. This compact tractor model has independent/mid/reverse PTO for a range of farming operations. With a 1250 kg ADDC hydraulics, it can perform haulage tasks as well. 

VST 932: Max Tech Range

This VST tractor also comes with a 3-cylinder engine and 30 HP power to serve the needs of every crop field. VST 932 tractor has a 9+3 helical transmission and a 1250 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. This compact tractor configures an oil-immersed braking system for ensuring driver safety.

Additional Features of The VST Series 9 Tractors

The VST Series 9 tractors feature an ideal torque weight ratio, a fully synchromesh gearbox, a 9+3 helical transmission, and higher load capacity. However, one of the major features of these 6 compact VST tractors is a fatigue-free drive for every farmer. 

A number of advanced technologies are integrated into these VST Series 9 tractors. This includes projector headlamps, a comfortable driving platform and an independent clutch. At the same time, the tractors are compatible with 

The First-In-Industry Technology For Farmers With Ergonomic Design

VST Series 9 tractors showcase the future of farming with–

  • Aerodynamic design for better efficiency in farming operations.
  • Side-covered mesh for improved aesthetic appeal.
  • A flip-seat option for easier adjustability as per convenience.
  • Ideal fender to tyre space for smooth performance in rough terrain.
  • Oil Immersed brakes for ensuring operator safety.
  • Comfortable hydraulic levers for a fatigue-free farming experience.
  • ADDC hydraulics and quick-release coupler for tipping activities. 
  • The first-in-industry Mid and Reverse PTO for different farming implements.

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