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Solis Tractors Revealed New Series Of Tractors & Electric Mowers at Agritechnica 2023

Solis Tractors Revealed New Series Of Tractors & Electric Mowers at Agritechnica 2023
Posted -27 November 2023 Share Post

Solis Tractors Showcased New Tractor Series & Electric Mowers At Agritechnica

At Agritechnica 2023, Solis Tractors debuted a selection of cutting-edge tractors and electric lawnmowers. This new series is designed to serve the challenging requirements of international markets, such as the US and Europe. It features advanced emission control technologies and a compact design. Solis Tractors aims to meet a variety of farmers' needs while utilising cutting-edge technology and staying true to the principles of environmental sustainability.

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The Solis tractor series is a major component of ITL's new production. It has two impressive tractors and a new segment which offers electric mowers:

1. Solis 110

This tractor has a power-packed S-Tech 4-cylinder Engine paired with a 24F + 12R Transmission. It delivers a smooth operation and precise control for farming activities. At the same time, the 4500KG Lifting Capacity and S-Boost Hydraulics of Solis 110 contribute to improved productivity.

2. Solis S38

With a 1000 kg Lifting Capacity and S-Boost Hydraulics, this Solis tractor makes farming easier. It has a 3-cylinder Natural Aspirated Engine, which produces 109.4 Nm of high torque. Also, it has a best-in-class S-Command Centre offering smooth shifting and manoeuvrability. The Solis S38 tractor has a side shift transmission with an 8F+8R gearbox for an enhanced driving experience.

3. S1E30 (Electric Lawn Mower)

This electric lawn mower from Solis has a premium design along with 3-speed modes. This ensures a hassle-free mowing experience. Also, the 30Ah Lithium-ion Battery offers unmatched comfort for the operator. This mower enables the operator to do effortless mowing for 1-1.5 hours, and it can cover up to 1 acre of yard.

4. S1E42 (Electric Zero Turn Mower)

To improve mowing and lawn care, this electric zero-turn mower is designed with 5-speed modes, which gives ideal operator comfort. Also, a power-packed 45Ah Lithium-ion Battery gives efficient performance. It allows uninterrupted mowing for up to 2 hours while covering 2 acres of yard.

The brand also showcased various tractors, which include SV 26 EV, S26, S90, S26 HST HVAC, S90 ROPS, and S20 ROPS Side-Shift.

These new products in the Solis lineup present the brand's aim for sustainability and innovation, which align with its mission towards prosperity among worldwide farming communities. These innovations allow ITL to strengthen its worldwide presence. Also, they cater to a large number of customers and enter new segments across several markets.

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