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Mahindra Tractors Introduced 6 New Tractor Models Under Yuvo Tech+ Series

Mahindra Tractors Introduced 6 New Tractor Models Under Yuvo Tech+ Series
Posted -11 June 2022 Share Post

Mahindra company designed and developed these tractor models at Mahindra’s Research Valley (MRV) in Chennai. All 6 new tractors get to operate from the m-ZIP 3-cylinder and ELS 4-cylinder engine. These models are developed on the basis of superb power, torque and mileage. 

New Holland Tractor

Mahindra Yuvo Tech+ Series - 37 HP to 50 HP

Mahindra Group has launched 6 new models under the Mahindra Yuvo Tech PLUS series from 37 HP to 50 HP that comes with ample features such as 4-wheel drive, dual-clutch, SLIPTO, auxiliary value and 2-speed PTO. Mahindra's  advanced technology makes their new models compatible with more than 30 farming applications. 

The Yuvo Tech PLUS series models range relies on 12 forward and 3 reverse gears with transmission tech, dual-clutch and 4WD with a 3-speed option (H-M-L). These features ensure the best performance on different types of soils and farming applications. Furthermore, high precision control value (on and off device) and best class lifting capacity of up to 1700 Kg make the models ideal to handle all heavy farming implements with ease. In addition, its SLIPTO helps to make easy options for implements such as baler. 

Launched Mahindra Yuvo Tech + Tractor Models 

Mahindra Tractor launches Mahindra Yuvo Tech+ tractor models are as follows:- 

3-cylinder m-ZIP Engine Models

4 Cyl ELS Engine Models

Mahindra 275 Yuvo Tech+

Mahindra 475 Yuvo Tech+

Mahindra 405 Yuvo Tech+

Mahindra 575 Yuvo Tech+

Mahindra 415 Yuvo Tech+

Mahindra 585 Yuvo Tech+

In addition, customers are getting privileged by Mahindra tractor’s 6-year warranty programme. 

Mahindra Yuvo Tech PLUS series tractor model range relies on high back up torque ensuring high functionality of sudden load change without changing gears. Additionally, these tractor models are able to attach with various farming applications with a minimum RPM drop of 197 Nm. 

With best-in-class PTO power, it ensures longer operations hours with large implements of 45.5 HP. It also provides mileage efficiency that ensures saving fuel costs. Moreover, its parallel cooling engine makes these features hectic-free through long working hours. 

Mr Hemant Sikka, President of Mahindra Farm Equipment Sector, said, “The Yuvo Tech+ series tractor models deliver on its brand promise of Technology Mein No.1, Har Kam Mein No. 1 resonating well with Mahindra Farm Equipment Sector’s objective of Transform Farming and Enriching lives. 

With the farmer adopting newer technologies to drive speed and efficiency, the Yuvo Tech+ series is the most advanced and versatile tractor offering in its segment. It is developed to deliver a winning formula of productivity, comfort and savings for better earnings for the Indian farmer. With this launch, we are confident that these tractors from the Yuvo Tech+ series will further bond our leadership position in the tractor market.”

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