Autonxt X45H2
Autonxt X45H2

Autonxt X45H2

Autonxt X45H2 price is convenient according to the budget. Moreover, the Autonxt X45H2 model is a 45 HP, fitted with powerful engine, delievers maximum output with adequate no. of cylinders. In addition, the Autonxt X45H2 tractor is available with Forward and Reverse gears with a 1800 Kg lifting capacity. Buy Autonxt X45H2 at TractorGuru with price & other information.

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Engine HP 45 HP
Wheel drive 2WD
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Autonxt X45H2 Features

No. of cylinder

No. of cylinder


Lifting Capacity

Lifting Capacity

1800 Kg Kg




Gear Box

Gear Box

- Forward + - Reverse






Smart electrically controlled power steering

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Buy Autonxt X45H2 tractor model with every prime feature. Also, get all Autonxt X45H2 technical specifications with updated Autonxt X45H2 price at TractorGuru. Along with the Autonxt X45H2 price, you can check the Autonxt X45H2 videos and Autonxt X45H2 comparison according to your requirement.

About Autonxt X45H2 Tractor Model

Autonxt X45H2 tractor is an expansive model with superb Autonxt X45H2 pricing. In addition, the Autonxt X45H2 significantly fulfils every farming requirement efficiently. Here we are showing Autonxt X45H2 specifications and Autonxt X45H2 price, which we have mentioned below.

Autonxt X45H2 Tractor Engine Features

Autonxt X45H2 tractor has a 45 HP engine power with cylinders. Autonxt X45H2 best engine capacity CC ensures good mileage on the field. The Autonxt X45H2 is one of the robust tractors which has a high demand in the market. Also, the Autonxt X45H2 tractor has the potential to offer high performance during farm operations.

Autonxt X45H2 Tractor Specifications

  • Autonxt X45H2 is fitted with a with transmission.
  • Also, the Autonxt X45H2 has a superlative speed.
  • Autonxt X45H2 is fitted with a adequate fuel tank.
  • And the Autonxt X45H2 also has a 1800 Kg Kg lifting capacity.
  • Autonxt X45H2 has gears + gears.
  • The Autonxt X45H2 is implemented with Smart electrically controlled power steering.
  • In addition, the Autonxt X45H2 built with many superb features also.

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Autonxt X45H2 Full Specifications


HP Category 45 HP




Steering Type Smart electrically controlled power steering
Steering Adjustment NO



Lift Capacity In Kg 1800 Kg kg


Drive Type 2WD

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A True Evaluation of Autonxt X45H2 Tractor

Be with TractorGuru, and get the true evaluation of Autonxt X45H2 tractor. Below we have mentioned the Autonxt X45H2 price with performance. So, check an updated price list of Autonxt X45H2 with its comprehensive specifications.

Autonxt X45H2 Tractor Price & Performance

The Autonxt determined this Autonxt X45H2 price is budget-friendly for the farmer’s pocket. You can easily purchase a Autonxt X45H2 tractor at TractorGuru.

Buy Autonxt X45H2 at TractorGuru

At TractorGuru, buy the affordable Autonxt X45H2 price model. With the Autonxt X45H2 price, you can get all the excellent specifications. Here we also provide the genuine Autonxt X45H2 review and Autonxt X45H2 model feedback from customers. In addition, you can also check updated Autonxt X45H2 tractor videos. So, be with TractorGuru, and get all the latest Autonxt X45H2 information and an upgraded Autonxt X45H2 price list.

Get Autonxt X45H2 updates and latest Autonxt X45H2 price of September 30, 2023.

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Autonxt X45H2 Rating and Reviews


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FAQS - About Autonxt X45H2

Ans. Autonxt X45H2 has 45 HP for efficient farming.

Ans. Autonxt X45H2 is available with powerful gears gearbox.

Ans. The starting price of Autonxt X45H2 is fair according to budget.

Ans. Autonxt X45H2 has an adequate fuel tank capacity.

Ans. Autonxt X45H2 has Smart electrically controlled power steering.

Ans. Autonxt X45H2 is available with the compatible transmission type.

Ans. Yes, you can finance Autonxt X45H2 tractor at TractorGuru with many EMI options.

Ans. Autonxt X45H2 tractor is available with smooth brake type..

Ans. A convenient wheelbase wheelbase is available in Autonxt X45H2 tractor.

Ans. Best models of Autonxt tractor are Autonxt X45H2, X35H2, X20H4 and many more.

Ans. The Autonxt X45H2 model delivers the an adequate PTO HP.

Ans. At TractorGuru, you can get current updated of Autonxt X45H2.

Ans. The good warranty is available on Autonxt X45H2 .

Ans. The Autonxt X45H2 model is available in 2WD.

Ans. Autonxt X45H2 tractor model has a better ground clearance.

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