Best Selling Popular Autonxt Tractor Models in India 2024- Price & Features

Best Selling Autonxt Tractor Models in India- Price & Features

Autonxt Tractor in India firmly believes that technology can revolutionize agriculture. Their adventure started with a committed group of engineers who were all driven to create a better, more sustainable future. They are steadfast in their dedication to breaking new ground and pushing the limits of farming technology because they firmly believe that it has the power to transform how people cultivate completely. We are here with the top 3 Popular Autonxt Tractor models in India.

We make sure you are informed about the operator economics of your Autonxt Tractor purchase by keeping you up to date. Here, we are showing the Top Selling Autonxt Tractor Price list in India with features.

The Most Popular Autonxt Tractor Price List in India

Let us guide you in choosing the ideal Autonxt Automation tractor for your requirements. Our expertise will help you find the best tractor within your budget, ensuring it aligns with your specific needs.



AUTONXT X20H4 is the 20 HP small tractor range which is ideal for backyard gardens of all kinds, horticulture, and light construction hauling tasks. This tractor moves quickly, enabling you to complete your everyday tasks more quickly. The AUTONXT X20H4 tractor has 6 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes to adjust the tractor’s speed by changing gear ratios. It also has Oil-immersed drum brakes to slow down or stop the tractor’s motion. AUTONXT X20H4 steering type is Hydraulic Power Steering to manage the angular motion in the front wheels of the tractor. This New Model Autonxt Tractor price is budget-friendly, so farmers can easily afford it.

Other Specifications

Lifting Capacity 750 Kg
Wheel drive 4 WD
Ground Clearance 280 MM
Total Weight 1150 KG
Charging time 8 Hrs (Slow), 2 Hrs (Fast)
Battery Capacity 15 KW



AUTONXT X35H2 is a versatile medium tractor with a 27 HP power range that is ideal for individual farmers. It is a medium-sized haulage task in addition to heavy farming tasks of all kinds. The tractor comes with 8 forward + 2 reverse gearboxes with seamless work in any region. Along with this, the AUTONXT X35H2 tractor comes with Oil immersed drum brakes for complete control of the tractor. It also has Hydraulic Power Steering, which ensures the hydraulic fluid reaches the steering system. This Popular Autonxt Tractor price list is super economical for the Indian farmers.

Other Specifications

Lifting Capacity 1400 Kg
Wheel drive 2 WD
Ground Clearance 400 MM
Wheel Base 1950 MM
Charging time 8 Hrs (Slow), 2 Hrs (Fast)
Battery Capacity 20 KW



With its 32 KW of power and 35 KWh battery, the AUTONXT X45H2 electric tractor can operate for eight hours. It is driven by automated steering and hydraulics. This tractor makes use of high-tech features like Crop Health Analysis. AUTONXT X45H2 also has Smart electrically controlled power steering that supports an intelligent electric motor. It has 45 HP to work with demanding implements efficiently and economically without stressing the engine. The price of All New Autonxt Tractor is also affordable for the farmers.

Other Specifications

Lifting Capacity 1800 Kg
Wheel drive 2 WD
Charging time 8 Hrs (Slow), 2 Hrs (Fast)
Battery Capacity 32 KW

Which is the Best Models in Autonxt Tractor

The best Autonxt Tractor models are AUTONXT X20H4, AUTONXT X35H2 and AUTONXT X45H2. All these Popular Autonxt Tractor Models are classy and come with all the top-notch features that provide high performance on the field. Additionally, the complete Autonxt Tractor Price List is fair and affordable. These electric tractors are superior to diesel tractors in terms of environmental impact, as they emit zero harmful pollutants like particulate matter and carbon dioxide. Additionally, electric tractors offer cost savings due to their lower fuel and maintenance expenses.

Since they have fewer moving parts, these electric tractors require less maintenance and break down less frequently. In certain scenarios, these electric tractors can even outperform diesel tractors due to their higher torque and speedy acceleration. Precision farming benefits greatly from the ability of these Autonxt Tractor models to operate at reduced speeds without experiencing power loss.

These are all about New Autonxt Tractor Models in India. For more information about Autonxt Tractors price and specifications, stay connected with Tractor Guru.