President releases the Biography of tractor tycoon LD Mittal Chairman of Sonalika Tractors

Hoshiarpur, March 1:  The President of India, Dr. Ram Nath Kovind officially released the biography of Mr. LD Mittal, who is the Chairman of the renowned  Sonalika tractor. The biography was unveiled at the President’s house in New Delhi.

Those in attendance during the release ceremony of the biography were the minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, Mr. Vijay Sampla, Justice Chandra Shekhar who is the judge of the Delhi High Court, along with Dr. LD Mittal and his son Dr. Khush Mittal.

Harsh Manav, who is also a business journalist, is the author of the biography. The work has presently been published in Hindi and in English. The biography is titled ‘Secret of Success’. According to the author, Mr. Manav, it is a tale of the Indian tractor tycoon LD Mittal. The book throws light upon the journey of Dr. Mittal, as to how an insurance man turned into a successful tractor tycoon after his retirement from a PSU (LIC) at the age of 60.

The book is a detailed narrative of the humble beginnings of the Chairman of Sonalika group, LD Mittal, and how he rose to success after clearing all hurdles. Dr. Mittal hails from a small village Bhinder Kalan of Moga.

On asking the author as to what motivated him to pen down Dr. Mittal’s story, he said that Dr. Mittal embarked on a new journey at the age of 60 and traveled across hundreds of kilometers in pursuit of his dream. At an age when most people choose to settle down and retire for a peaceful life, the man began an uncertain journey which had its own share of struggles and uncertainty. The story is an eye-opener to the present day youth and for anyone looking to make big in life. It is never late to pursue your dreams and passion.

Dr. Mittal retired in 1990 and made his debut in the year 2012 in the Forbes list on the 75th position in the top 100 richest Indians. Since 2012, he has been in the 100 richest Indians in the Forbes list consistently. However, for the tractor tycoon, it is the peace of mind that takes over any amount of wealth or fame he has accomplished.

Dr. Mittal always had a passion to become a chairman of a company someday, which he managed to successfully fulfill. He began by providing the required agricultural farm equipment to numerous farmers. 

Later on, he went to achieve greater heights and successfully established the largest tractor factory in the world with a capacity of over 3 lakh tractors per annum. In the present day, the company is one of the leading exporters of tractors with exports to over a hundred countries worldwide.  The company has also established their export brand Solis in many countries.  Solis tractor is a leading tractor brand in Brazil and will soon be launched in India with technology inputs from Yanmar of Japan.

Dr.LD Mittal is a gold medalist in MA Urdu from the Punjab University, Chandigarh. The biography beautifully manages to capture all of the significant aspects of Dr. Mittal’s journey to becoming one of the leading tractor tycoons. It is a story worth reading with its fair share of excitement, struggles, and accomplishment.

‘Secret of Success’ is a motivating tale that is aptly suited for the present day and should be mandatory reading for upcoming entrepreneurs.

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