International Tractor Ltd (ITL) Launches new Solis Yanmar series tractor in india

International Tractor Ltd (ITL) in partnership with Japanese agricultural machinery manufacturer Yanmar business enterprise on Wednesday launched a premium range of Solis Yanmar tractors in India.

The new range is provided with sophisticated options and technologies supported by Yanmar and these tractors are best suited to India’s soils and terrain, as per a corporation release.

Under the partnership, ITL is planning to sale 50,000 Solis and Yanmar tractors in India by 2021. ITL launched its 1st dealership for this brand-new range in Pune on June 9th and plans to set up 400 dealerships within the country within 2 years.

Speaking at the launch, Deepak Mittal, managing director – ITL, declared “The launch of Solis Yanmar is poised to vary the canvas of farm mechanization in India. ITL began its journey by commercialism its 1st tractor, Solis, to Europe in 2011. Since then, Solis has seen extraordinary growth, increasing globally to 120 countries in eight years, with over 100,000 happy customers."

He also value-added, "Solis tractor is currently one in every of the top-five tractor brands in Europe. Solis Yanmar tractors provide multiple technologically-advanced options and superior comfort, which can revolutionize the standard of ‘Made in India’ farm technologies,"

He is more same that the corporate is eyeing to dominate the Indian tractor market by resolution 2 major issues of farmers- water inadequacy and wishes for bigger output. "For example, once our 4WD tractor with optimum weight is employed with rotavator for puddling applications, farmers would require 50 % lesser water than whereas exploitation alternative tractors with full cage wheels."

"Similarly, our Solis 5015 E tractors equipped with advanced 4WD Technology and specific Transmission Speeds can provide higher output to our farmers," he added.

Elaborating on the tie-up, Ken Okuyama, Director, Yanmar Holdings Co. Ltd. – Yanmar, said, “Given Yanmar’s sturdy footprint in Japan and South-East Asia and therefore the complete leadership of ITL’s Solis in overseas markets, we have a tendency to are assured that the partnership between Yanmar and ITL can propel each corporation to new heights within the Indian market."

Okuyama additionally added, "We believe Solis can replicate its overseas success in India as a result of it’s an excellent product for a replacement generation of Indian farmers. Our YM3 tractor is provided with Yanmar’s advanced good Assist Remote technology for exactness and potency to deliver additional profitable agriculture for the 21 st century.”

The company can begin the deliveries of the new range by July end.

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