Now, an e-tractor that promises to reduce the cost of ownership

Operations cost for farmers will right down to ₹20-35 from ₹150, says Cellestial E-Mobility CEO

Though tractors have addressed the matter of shortage of labor, high costs of ownership and operation still make it difficult for the farmers in acquiring them.

A Hyderabad-based start-up Cellestial E-Mobility has come up with an operational prototype of an electric tractor that costs but the standard diesel-run tractors.

The start-up targets a lucrative market of 8.78 lakh-unit tractor market (2019) within the country. “The Tractor market is growing at a Compound Annual rate of growth (C.A.G.R.) of 7 percent. We found that the electrical manufacturers of vehicles haven't focused on this segment yet,” Siddarth Durairajan, Co-founder and Chief executive officer of Cellestial E-Mobility, said.

Priced at ₹5 lakh

“It costs ₹5 lakh a bit as against ₹6 lakh that the regular tractor is priced at. Moreover, it'll cost ₹20-35 to run the e-tractor for an hour as against ₹150 that the farmers spend every hour that they use,” Durairajan said.

The beauty of the merchandise is that it comes without about 300 parts that come alongside the regular tractor engine. it'll help them save time and energy in maintaining the vehicle.

The company, which began its operations in 2019, raised $2,00,000 from a Singapore-based Angel Investor.

Initially, the start-up is aiming to produce 100 units a month within the first year. “We will build up the assembly within the next 2-3 three years to supply an aggregate 8,000 vehicles,” he said.

Besides targeting the farm sector, the start-up is additionally watching selling the tractor to factories, warehouses, and airports for the movement of products and baggage.


The tractor comes with features like battery swapping, regenerative braking, power inversion (use the tractor to power a UPS), and fast charging.

The 6HP electric tractor (which the start-up claims are like 21HP diesel tractor) can run 75 km on one charge. It can go at a speed of 20 km an hour.

“In a residential environment, it takes six hours to completely charge the battery and with industrial power sockets, it can fast-charge in two hours,” Syed Mubasheer Ali, Co-Founder, and Partner, Cellestial E-Mobility, said.

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