Now Ambulance for tractors – new initiative by KUBOTA

Now ambulances are available not only for humans but also for tractors. This unique concept was launched by Japanese tractor brand Kubota in Sangli today.

This unique concept consists of specially designed service vans who can go into interior villages to support any tractor breakdown. The idea is to provide quick repair and service support to farmers for their most trusted companion-his tractor.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. G S Grewal said that the tractor is a source of livelihood for the farmers and any breakdown of his tractor during the season time can delay the preparation of his land for sowing the crop and ultimately impact production.

The tractor is farmers' most trusted companion and hence requires the same care and attention and any living being and hence the concept of Tractor Ambulance.

Kubota has already inducted 18 number Tractor Ambulances at their key dealers and plans to further increase the number to 35 by end of this year.

Kubota a Japanese brand of tractors is already gaining popularity among Indian farmers and has been the fastest growing tractor brand since last year.

Kubota has also been one of the first tractor companies to introduce 5 years Super Warranty on their tractors and the launch of these tractor ambulances will further increase farmers’ confidence in these products.

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